• What To Look For When Buying A Tablet

    What To Look For When Buying A Tablet

    A few years ago, buying a tablet was simple. You went to an Apple store and bought an iPad. However, things have changed in the last five years, with just about every computer and smartphone company developing tablets of their own. There are a few things to consider when looking for your perfect tablet, all […]

  • HTC One M9 Specs Overview

    HTC One M9 Specs Overview

    Smartphone Spotlight: HTC One M9 The HTC One M9 is the latest in the leading line of smartphones, and as predecessor to the well-received M8, the newest incarnation has a lot to live up to. The M9 brings back the polished metallic styling of the earlier edition while adding a host of upgrades, many of […]

  • LIghtroom Mobile Is Now Available For Android

    Lightroom Mobile Is Now Available For Android

    Adobe recently  released the Lightroom Mobile app for the Android devices. It’s  a companion app to the popular Lightroom 5 for desktop. It was first released for iPhone & the iPad but, it was missing a link with the growing number of Android users but finally, the wait is over. You can also read the […]

  • Xiaomi Mi4 Launched In India

    Xiaomi Mi4 Launched In India (Participate In Giveaway)

    Xiaomi (or Mi India) today launched their another flagship phone Mi4 after the huge success of their Mi3 Android smartphone a few months ago in India. For some reason – they never did more flash sales on Flipkart later. Anyway, let’s talk about the latest Mi4 in India. You can win the new Mi4 by […]

  • 6 Mobile Apps For Taking Your Photography To The Next Level

    6 Mobile Apps For Taking Your Photography To The Next Level

    Smartphone photography dominates social media with apps allowing every user to create high-quality shots with compelling effects. These 6 mobile apps to take your photography to the next level can put your images in an élite class no matter your years of experience behind the lens. 6. Adobe Photoshop Touch Image via iTunes If you […]

  • 'Samsung Galaxy Tab S' Launched – See Specifications & Features

    ‘Samsung Galaxy Tab S’ Launched – See Specifications & Features

    Finally, after an unexpectedly a prolonged waiting, Samsung has launched its new Samsung Galaxy Tab S with AMOLED display. It’s going to be really good & finally I would love to upgrade one of my old tabs with this one. This new Galaxy S tab comes in two sizes, 8.4 inches or 10.5 inches & both these […]

  • lapcare-oval-powerbank-01

    ‘Lapcare’ Announced Oval-shaped 5200mAh Power Bank

    Power Banks are an essential resource for gadgets’ battery these days, especially with large screens, continuous data connectivity & resource intensive background data refreshes consume plenty of power. Things are fine as long as you’re nearby your regular charging points but, when you’re travelling & need battery power on an emergency basis, power bank is […]

  • samsung-galaxy-note3neo-new

    Samsung GALAXY Note3 Neo N750 Launched (Features & Specifications)

    Samsung today launched the Note3 Neo, a slightly low-cost variation of the popular Galaxy Note series in a Samsung Forum event in Bali, Indonesia. According to their press release, the company intends to expand their Note series & spread creative possibilities using Samsung Note series phones to more people. Note3 Neo is built with almost all […]

  • nokia-dual-sim-android-2014

    Nokia’s Dual-SIM Android Phone Likely To Be Launched In 2014 (Photo Leaks)

    It’s not today when we first heard about this rumor. Nokia Normandy – Project N – a low-cost smart phone running Android KitKat 4.4.1 is actively under development at Nokia & will continue with it even after Microsoft finishes the acquisition procedures. Another photo leak from @Evleaks on Twitter clearly shows the Nokia phone running […]