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  • iOS 9: List Of All New Features & Changes

    iOS 9: List Of All New Features & Changes (116+)

    Every year, we saw new iOS announcement during the WWDC keynote, mainly focusing on the new features that’re making the platform more flexible & more functional than ever before. Since last 3 years, the progress has been satisfactory especially when people start comparing iOS with its immediate competition, Android. Yesterday, Apple announced the new iOS 9 […]

  • iPhone 6

    iPhone 6 Will Have MacBook-like Illuminated Apple Logo & Slimmer Design

    The new updates are coming every week about the new iPhone 6 designs & overall built, as we come close to the real official announcement – which is expected to happen sometime in August 2014, & the release will happen sometime in September 2014. We’ve already seen some of the earliest iPhone 6 photo leaks […]

  • New iOS 8 Features – Full List & Details

    New iOS 8 Features – Full List & Details (150+)

    Looking For iOS 9 Features? Click here Apple today announced the next biggest release of the new iOS 8 since the launch of the App Store. The new iOS 8 consist of several new features including more than 4000 APIs. The new OS is mainly focused around tighter iCloud integration, which is also supported on Windows, HeathKit […]

  • Apple To Announce Integration Of Smart Home In iOS 8 During WWDC 2014

    Apple To Announce Integration Of Smart Home In iOS 8 (WWDC 2014)

    According to an anonymous report & as carried by cnet, Apple is most probably announcing the integrated ‘Smart Home’ system of the new iOS 8. The announcement will take place during the WWDC 2014 keynote presentation. The new iOS 8 will be unveiled during this year’s WWDC starting June 2nd, which will feature a whole […]

  • iPhone 5C – 8GB Launched In India

    iPhone 5C – 8GB Launched In India

    Apple today launched yet another version of the iPhone 5C with 8GB storage capacity in India. iPhone 5S & iPhone 5C models were already made available a few months ago. The new 8GB iPhone 5C will be available in the market over a next few days. The same 8GB version of the phone was already […]

  • foxconn-iphone6-2014-01

    Foxconn Expecting To Produce 90 Million Units Of The iPhone 6 In 2014

    Foxconn is Apple’s one of the oldest & most-trusted manufacturing partner & is also apparently producing the upcoming iWatch, which was in the last stage of its design & execution as we reported earlier. In an announcement through the press release that came as a surprise, as stated on BGR, revealing knowingly or unknowingly about their involvement […]

  • pattern-password-lock-ios-apps

    How To Get Android-like Pattern Lock To Password Protect iOS Apps

    Password protecting iOS apps like on Android is a need of the time with our extensive use of social media & instant messenger apps. People don’t want to hand over the phone to someone else in scare of revealing the conversations. Mostly, due to the kind of the confidential / important messages or images people […]

  • ios7-carplay-02

    Apple CarPlay Announced – It’s An Infotainment System For Your Car

    Apple has announced CarPlay, an infotainment system for your car & is about to be unveiled during the Geneva Motor Show taking place between March 6 and March 16, 2014. CarPlay – is actually ‘iOS in the car’ feature which was announced as a part of the new iOS 7 last year. It was delayed unexpectedly […]

  • ios7-color-keyboard-01

    How To Change Keyboard Colors In iOS 7

    Since the day Apple announced the all new iOS 7, it has attracted plenty of discussion over how bad & how good the design of it has been & also, how the minimalist design took many cues from the Windows 8. I am, definitely liking the use of translucent UI that completely changes the color scheme, simply […]

  • discreet-tweak-smart-alerts-iphone-02

    How To Enable Smart Alerts (Like Samsung Galaxy) On iPhone

    One of the neatest features of latest Samsung Galaxy series phones (after Galaxy S3) is that, they all offer Smart Alerts feature & few others, through detecting motion. I used all the phones in that series, including the Galaxy Note-3 (not Galaxy S5 yet) and I know the full importance of using the Smart Alerts. I am one those […]

  • AppETA-detailed-download-progress-ios-apps-01

    How To Get Detailed Download Progress (ETA) For iOS App Updates

    Downloading & updating apps on iOS 7 is definitely muck sleeker than earlier versions. Life became easier when Apple finally decided to integrate Smart App Updates on the new iOS 7. However, with this new UI, Apple decided to not include any detailed information such as exact download size, time required to download, making it tricky to visualize an […]

  • iphone6-photos-09

    iPhone 6 (2014) Photo Leaks & Other Details

    As the tradition goes – for every new high-end smart phone – before every launch, we see tons of various rumors floating about the gadget. New iPhone 6 is no exception, despite the fact that, Apple has somewhat failed to impress its fan-boys by not offering any great makeover on outer iPhone body. People want to flaunt great […]