iOS / iPhone

iOS / iPhone
iPad Tweak: Make Calls, SMS using PhoneIt-iPad

You can make phone calls on iPad using jailbreak tweak developed by iPhoneIslam on iOS 4.3.3 & iOS 5. iPad 2 support is under development
eContacts: A Complete, Free Alternative Contacts App for iPhone & iPad

eContacts is an alternative contacts app for iPhone, iPod touch & iPad. Send group Mail & SMS, send business card through SMS from iPhone.

MC Backup is the best app to backup/restore contacts without iTunes. A good alternative method to Windows contacts or Microsoft Outlook sync
Handwriting Calculator: Solve Any Mathematic Equation on iPhone, iPod and iPad

Handwriting Calculator is an advanced iOS app to solve complex mathematical equations using our handwriting, in no-time.
ESRA: Siri Alternative for older iPhone, iPod & iPad

Popular Siri from iPhone 4S is now successfully ported to jailbroken iPhone 4 and iPod Touch 4g.
Apple iPhone 4S Retail Launch Better than Expected & Your Chance to Win!

iPhone 4S launch & sale is better than expected while Siri is creating all the buzz. UK residents can win a factory unlocked iPhone 4S 16GB. How? Read here
MyTube: Download YouTube videos on iPhone, iPod & iPad (Jailbreak Tweak)

MyTube is a FREE app that allow us download, play, copy (mp4) YouTube videos on jailbroken iPhone, iPod touch and iPad.

iPhone 5 is not announced yet and there have been plenty of rumours floating around the Internet. Case manufacturers have already started creating a...
Apple iOS 5: Few of the 200+ Features (Video)

Video demonstration of the look and feel, functioning of some of the iOS 5 features. iOS 5 is expected for public release in October 2011.

According to leaked reports, iPhone 5 pre-order to begin in Best Buy stores starting this week and shipping on October 21! Another iPhone 5 rumor or truth?
Infographics: The iPhone - Then and Now

Here is an Infographics on how the most popular & game changer 'iPhone' has evolved over the years. Incredible achievement by Apple.
5 Things Apple should change about iPhone, iPod and iPad

Looking at Android device success, there are plenty of things Apple should change about their devices. Here is my take.