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Marketing Techniques In Digital Age

The marketing industry has evolved parallel to the internet. The rise of social media has given

10 Reasons Why You Should Use Multi-Platform Telegram Over WhatsApp

It came, it won & its popular – WhatsApp messaging app did change the face of text messaging.

Facebook Home for Android officially released in US but you can download APK instead

Facebook Home for Android app is now officially released in Play Store USA. Users from other

New Design for Facebook News Feed is coming on March 7

Facebook to launch a new layout for News Feed on March 7. The design might feature

Whip – A Free Social Photo Sharing App for iOS, Android and Windows 8

Whip Social Photo app for iPad, Android and Windows 8 is a new way to create,

Everything you want to know about the Facebook Graph Search

Facebook recently announced a Facebook Graph Search - a comprehensive search engine offering direct answers to

Microsoft’s Social Network Gets a Silent Forward Push

Microsoft's social network for students is now open for public and offers Open Search, Video

7 Quick Settings To Make Facebook Better For Yourself (Part I)

Quick settings guide for better Facebook experience to avoid cluttered news feed and to receive important

This Is How People Fall for SPAM, Do You Too?

People fall for SPAM easily and with growing Social networks - the risk is even bigger.

How To Create, Manage, Promote Google+ Pages

Google+ Pages for businesses, brands, institutions, and variety of entities, similar to popular Facebook Pages is

Facebook: No more Friend Requests, Just Subscribe!

Now, no need to send Friend requests on Facebook to see updates from people you find

Facebook: New Ticker makes it better!

Facebook added another new feature as Ticker box to contain system generated steams and non-targeted updates