Wednesday, June 28, 2017
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Lightroom Mobile Is Now Available For Android

Adobe recently  released the Lightroom Mobile app for the Android devices. It’s  a companion app to the popular Lightroom 5 for desktop. It was...
Flash Player Update 10.2

Flash Player 10.2 launched for Windows, Mac, and Linux

Adobe today announced their most revolutionized version of the very popular Flash Player 10.2. I had covered a post about it while this player was...

Adobe’s Flash Player Promises HD Video Playback

Adobe has developed a GPU (Graphic Processing Unit) acceleration with Stage Video which now force entire load to video rendering unit of your Graphic Processor.
IBM – Drive The Future Of Cloud Computing

IBM – Drive The Future Of Cloud Computing

Ever since 2007, IBM has been trying to push cloud computing as the next big thing in the technology world. At that time, they...