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  • iOS 9: List Of All New Features & Changes

    iOS 9: List Of All New Features & Changes (116+)

    Every year, we saw new iOS announcement during the WWDC keynote, mainly focusing on the new features that’re making the platform more flexible & more functional than ever before. Since last 3 years, the progress has been satisfactory especially when people start comparing iOS with its immediate competition, Android. Yesterday, Apple announced the new iOS 9 […]

  • iPhone 6

    iPhone 6 Will Have MacBook-like Illuminated Apple Logo & Slimmer Design

    The new updates are coming every week about the new iPhone 6 designs & overall built, as we come close to the real official announcement – which is expected to happen sometime in August 2014, & the release will happen sometime in September 2014. We’ve already seen some of the earliest iPhone 6 photo leaks […]

  • New iOS 8 Features – Full List & Details

    New iOS 8 Features – Full List & Details (150+)

    Looking For iOS 9 Features? Click here Apple today announced the next biggest release of the new iOS 8 since the launch of the App Store. The new iOS 8 consist of several new features including more than 4000 APIs. The new OS is mainly focused around tighter iCloud integration, which is also supported on Windows, HeathKit […]

  • ios7-carplay-02

    Apple CarPlay Announced – It’s An Infotainment System For Your Car

    Apple has announced CarPlay, an infotainment system for your car & is about to be unveiled during the Geneva Motor Show taking place between March 6 and March 16, 2014. CarPlay – is actually ‘iOS in the car’ feature which was announced as a part of the new iOS 7 last year. It was delayed unexpectedly […]

  • iphone6-photos-09

    iPhone 6 (2014) Photo Leaks & Other Details

    As the tradition goes – for every new high-end smart phone – before every launch, we see tons of various rumors floating about the gadget. New iPhone 6 is no exception, despite the fact that, Apple has somewhat failed to impress its fan-boys by not offering any great makeover on outer iPhone body. People want to flaunt great […]

  • realistic-apple-iwatch-concept-01

    iWatch Release Date Could Be October 2014 – Size Not Finalized Yet

    Alright, there wasn’t much to talk about after the initial coverage on iWatch. But now, few new reports are coming in from various sources about watches release date & hardware specifications. The new smart watch from Apple is reported on schedule for Q4-2014 release (October to be precise). As reported by CtechCN, they have insider information about […]

  • Prediction on Displays for Bigger iPhone, Apple HDTV and iWatch (Upcoming Product Lineup)

    Apple’s Upcoming Product Lineup For Bigger iPhone, HDTV & iWatch (Report)

    Apple is not known for any significant innovations in the last one and half years’ time. Before that, they were emphasizing on providing better displays on their products. No surprise here, they definitely were first in doing many things such as; bringing 300 ppi density displays to Smartphones & laptops, QXGA resolution on a tablet […]