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How many times did you wish for getting your Android notifications on desktop? I’m sure you wished it for at least once, especially when...
Most Used Browsers and Total Market Share as of March 2011

Browser is an essential software these days. With growing needs, each browser is trying to stand best in multiple ways. Lets find out if they do

Google Chrome 10 announced many new features with three major improvements on JavaScript Speed, ability to Sync Passwords and revamped Settings UI.

Google Toolbar is improving with lots of personalized options but this toolbar is not available for Google Chrome.

CSS Problem Fix for White Line beween stacked images in Firefox which do not show in Chrome or IE.

You can now schedule Incoming and Outgoing email messages in Gmail with Boomerang

Perfect 1-ClickWeather Extension for Chrome and Firefox addon is the easiest way to stay connected with Weather report from browser. It simply works