Facebook: New Ticker makes it better!


Facebook is continuously re-designing its User Interface and user experience by implementing new ideas and features. We have seen some of the new features and privacy settings for Facebook recently. There was a problem with the Facebook … [Read more...]

Facebook New Feature: Now you can edit Comments

Facebook new feature: Now you can edit Facebook Comments

Facebook is under continuous up-gradation which we saw in different features such as, [email protected], New Profile Layout, Instant Personalization. Recently they also removed the 'Post' button from comments to use keyboard 'Enter' key … [Read more...]

iPhone: Easily Collect All Your Gifts With Facebook Gift Collector

Facebook Gift Collector

Collecting gifts or requests from Facebook games like Farmville, Cafe World, etc was a tedious task especially when you receive them in huge numbers. Then came few Java Script utilities to make this task smoother by using Greasemonkey … [Read more...]