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Android Jellybean is coming 8 months after the ICS launch. Many devices still expecting ICS update & its little difficult to digest.

Google now brings all the various services like Android Apps, Games, Music & Movies under one roof. Now it is Google Play Store, not Android Market.
Style Guide for Android Developers is Here... Finally!

Google finally released a design style guide for Android developers to being uniformity in UI & UX across all devices & apps.

Google+ Pages for businesses, brands, institutions, and variety of entities, similar to popular Facebook Pages is now available.
Microsoft is squeezing $444 million from Android manufacturers!

Microsoft is all set to extract $444 million from Android device manufacturers around the world through patent royalties to help Windows Mobile OS ecosystem
How to get your Author Information & Picture in Google Search

Easy steps on how to add author information and picture in Google search results for your website or a blog.
Two-step authentication to secure E-mail, Facebook and more

Google announced, Two-step Authentication security feature for their products. Facebook, Twitter may come-up with similar feature for better account security

An overview of Internet Censorship in World & in India. Google is trying to keep things transparent with Transparency Reports.
Will India ever get 1Gbps Google Fibre Internet? US just did!

Google Fiber recently started beta testing of world's fastest Internet connection of 1Gbps in Unites States. Will it ever come to India?
Google brings Official Blogger app for iPhone, iPod and iPad

Google finally brings an official app to manage Blogger / Blogspot blogs from iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.
Google acquires Motorola. Huge! But what next!

Google recently announced to take over Motorola to enter into mobile hardware market and to create new Android ecosystem! Its huge but whats next?
Google Transit: Expanding & raising Public Transport awareness in India

Google is spreading awareness about public transportation in India by providing updated information on desktops, mobiles through Google Transit.