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  • pattern-password-lock-ios-apps

    How To Get Android-like Pattern Lock To Password Protect iOS Apps

    Password protecting iOS apps like on Android is a need of the time with our extensive use of social media & instant messenger apps. People don’t want to hand over the phone to someone else in scare of revealing the conversations. Mostly, due to the kind of the confidential / important messages or images people […]

  • ios7-color-keyboard-01

    How To Change Keyboard Colors In iOS 7

    Since the day Apple announced the all new iOS 7, it has attracted plenty of discussion over how bad & how good the design of it has been & also, how the minimalist design took many cues from the Windows 8. I am, definitely liking the use of translucent UI that completely changes the color scheme, simply […]

  • discreet-tweak-smart-alerts-iphone-02

    How To Enable Smart Alerts (Like Samsung Galaxy) On iPhone

    One of the neatest features of latest Samsung Galaxy series phones (after Galaxy S3) is that, they all offer Smart Alerts feature & few others, through detecting motion. I used all the phones in that series, including the Galaxy Note-3 (not Galaxy S5 yet) and I know the full importance of using the Smart Alerts. I am one those […]

  • AppETA-detailed-download-progress-ios-apps-01

    How To Get Detailed Download Progress (ETA) For iOS App Updates

    Downloading & updating apps on iOS 7 is definitely muck sleeker than earlier versions. Life became easier when Apple finally decided to integrate Smart App Updates on the new iOS 7. However, with this new UI, Apple decided to not include any detailed information such as exact download size, time required to download, making it tricky to visualize an […]

  • fake-whatsapp-wechat-ios-app-01

    Fake iOS Apps For WhatsApp & WeChat Password Floating On iTunes! [ALERT]

    I am writing this because it might help you save $1 & invaluable disappointment later. Fake, useless, or deceptive apps is not a new thing for Android apps, but this isn’t a regular case for the iOS. That is the reason iOS is the most profitable app store yet. It caught me with a surprise today to see […]

  • How To Sell Your iPhone / Android Photos To Make Extra Money

    How To Sell Your iPhone / Android Photos To Make Extra Money

    Everyone is mobile these days & with few high-end Smartphones launched every few months – all of us have the decent camera power in our pockets. Smartphones such as Nokia Lumia series, iPhone 5, Samsung Galaxy S4, Galaxy Note 3, Nexus 4 can click decent for top-quality pictures. I totally loved the kind of colors offered by Nokia’s PureView […]

  • BBM For Android & iPhone Is Now Available

    BBM For Android & iPhone Is Now Available

    Well, the day has finally arrived & now we can put all the rumors aside with this real news… coming directly from the makers. Yes – BBM release date for Android and iOS is confirmed. BBM for Android is set to release on September 21, 2013 & will be available for download for free from the Play Store whereas, […]

  • Download All New iOS 7 Wallpapers & Ringtones (ZIP)

    As we all know – Apple added new wallpapers and new ringtones to the IOS 7 GM build which were not available in earlier beta versions. These are definitely one of the most exciting additions I have seen on an IOS since the IOS. I expected them to revamp this section of the OS during both last occasions while […]

  • 5 Tips For Data Security On Your iPhone

    We use mobile devices these days for just about everything, from casual entertainment and communication, to conducting business and accessing important data and information. And, while the convenience and flexibility of our increasingly mobile world are invaluable, they also offer more security risks for us to be mindful of. Accessing and storing important data (passwords, […]