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Get Android Notifications On Desktop (App + Browser Extension)

How many times did you wish for getting your Android notifications on desktop? I’m sure you

10 Reasons Why You Should Use Multi-Platform Telegram Over WhatsApp

It came, it won & its popular – WhatsApp messaging app did change the face of text messaging.

Ubuntu OS expands its reach to Mobiles, First smartphone to ship in a year

Ubuntu backed by Canonical announces new Ubuntu Mobile OS for for smartphones offering full PC experience

First batch of $25 & $35 Raspberry Pi Computers are being Issued! Details inside…

Raspberry Pi is a $25-$35 low-cost Linux computer system, ideally designed by Raspberry Pi Foundation for

Mikogo: Free, Simple, Best Desktop Sharing and Web Conferencing Tool for Windows, Mac, Linux

Mikogo is a free and best alternative to Team Viewer or Skype for Desktop Sharing, Web

Adobe Flash Player 11, AIR 3 Beta: Stage3D and 64bit support on Linux, Mac and Windows

Adobe Flash Player 11 and AIR 3 beta brings Stage3D (true 3D) and native 64-bit support

Nokia N9 announced with MeeGo Linux – Big Surprise Features!

Nokia N9 with MeeGo Opensource Linux announced with big surprise features like 1Ghz Processor, No buttons,