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5 Features You Will Love In New Windows 8.1 ‘Update 1’

Microsoft is listening to the user feedback & wants to send a positive signal to the

Moving From Gmail To Is Now A Lot Easier [How-To]

Microsoft recently announced a new service that allows, moving Gmail account to the new email account, in

Microsoft wants to make iWatch-like device with suppliers from Asia

According to sources from Taiwan-based supplier company - Microsoft is planning and designing an iWatch-like wearable

Tech Companies need more Friends in D.C.? Spent Millions on Lobbying!

A new report from OpenSecrets reveals the amount spent by tech companies on lobbying in 2012.

Windows 8 Price Announced by Microsoft

Microsoft announced Windows 8 Prices. Upgrade only DVD pack is priced at $70, OS download priced

Microsoft to Announce Windows Phone 8 OS in Developers Summit 2012

Microsoft is expected to announce all new Windows Phone 8 mobile OS in Developers Summit on

Microsoft Surface Tablet PC running Windows 8 Announced (It’s without PixelSense)

Microsoft Surface announced as new entry in tablet war. It's like a PC and a Tablet

Windows 8 Release Date To Be Somewhere in October / November 2012

Microsoft may release Windows 8 and it's tablets in October / November 2012 with their own

Microsoft asks HTC to stop working on Windows 8 Tablets

Microsoft has barred HTC from developing their ARM based Windows 8 tablets on the quality grounds

Windows 8 Release Preview version available for download!

Microsoft has released Windows 8 Release Preview version for download. You can install this latest Windows

Microsoft’s Social Network Gets a Silent Forward Push

Microsoft's social network for students is now open for public and offers Open Search, Video

Microsoft Windows 8 Editions Announced! See Comparison Inside

Microsoft silently announced Windows 8 editions. Here is a chart showing Windows 8 edition features comparison