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Nokia Is Back As ‘Populist’ With ‘X Series’ Android Phones (See Detailed Features & Specifications)

The day has finally arrived, the day that should be marked as ‘The Victory Day’ for

Nokia’s Dual-SIM Android Phone Likely To Be Launched In 2014 (Photo Leaks)

It’s not today when we first heard about this rumor. Nokia Normandy – Project N –

RushPlayer: Perfect VLC alternative for iPhone, iPad & Nokia

RushPlayer is a multi-format video player for iPhone, iPad and Symbian devices. This certainly looks like

Nokia is working on a Windows 8 Tablet? Most likely!

Nokia's design chief has confirmed Windows 8 tablet in making with breakthrough design & revolutionized user

Microsoft is squeezing $444 million from Android manufacturers!

Microsoft is all set to extract $444 million from Android device manufacturers around the world through

Ad Mistakes: BlackBerry using Android and Nokia using iPhone! Too Much!

Funny advertisement mistakes made by Nokia and BlackBerry to use iPhone and Android device instead of

Nokia N9 announced with MeeGo Linux – Big Surprise Features!

Nokia N9 with MeeGo Opensource Linux announced with big surprise features like 1Ghz Processor, No buttons,

APPLE to pay NOKIA some cash for every iPhone sold in the market to settle a lawsuit!

Apple to pay Nokia a fine for every iPhone sold in the market to settle all

WhatsApp Messenger: Almost Free Text Messages For All Mobiles

Send almost FREE text messages or group messages to contacts with WhatsApp messenger - a must

Nokia + Microsoft: Now Official but How Beneficial?

On February 11, 2011 Nokia & Microsoft announced a strategic partnership to strengthen brand values, market

Find your friend’s location with Google Latitude mobile app

Find your friend's location with Google Latitude mobile app for Almost all devices running Android, iOS,

Android: Nokia’s Biggest Worry?

My first ever phone was a Nokia, my friend’s first phone was a Nokia and there