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Online Rental Agreement – New Sensation In Real Estate

If you are buying a house or looking for a house or you are planning to

Tech Companies need more Friends in D.C.? Spent Millions on Lobbying!

A new report from OpenSecrets reveals the amount spent by tech companies on lobbying in 2012.

Taiwan Excellence: Vote for SmarTEST & Win Yourself a Trip to Taiwan

Vote and WIN yourself a round-trip to Taiwan simply for voting smartly in SmarTEST 2012 campaign

Samsung is reaching out to ordinary users & is confident of selling 10 million+ Galaxy SIII handsets by July

Samsung is generating lot of interest about SIII in less geeky, non-technical users through well placed

Samsung Introduces ‘Ticketless’ System for Live Events

Samsung introduced a new 'ticketless' system consist of RFID wristbands and radio technology. This will also

Use Partially Dried Batteries For Flashlight With D Type R-Battery

New product design: R Battery (D Type) can accommodate three partially dried AA or AAA batteries