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10 Reasons Why You Should Use Multi-Platform Telegram Over WhatsApp

It came, it won & its popular – WhatsApp messaging app did change the face of text messaging.

Fake iOS Apps For WhatsApp & WeChat Password Floating On iTunes! [ALERT]

I am writing this because it might help you save $1 & invaluable disappointment later. Fake,

WhatsApp Spy Software: Your Kids Can’t Dodge You – Not Anymore!

StealthGenie's WhatsApp spying software allows parents to secretly monitor text, videos and pictures activity on

WhatsApp Messenger has Multiple Vulnerabilities, Confirmed by Security Advisors!

WhatsApp messenger has multiple vulnerabilities and its been confirmed by Sec Consult in a detailed report.

WhatsApp Messenger: Almost Free Text Messages For All Mobiles

Send almost FREE text messages or group messages to contacts with WhatsApp messenger - a must