My first ever phone was a Nokia, my friend’s first phone was a Nokia and there are many like us who owned Nokia and now are not sure if they will stick with it or not.

Android, since its launch created a huge buzz among Google fans. This year Android was rated as the Most Popular Mobile OS in the United States. Though the user percentage largely indicates RIM (Blackberry), Apple, Android as top players – Nokia is sliding out from the limelight. (If not in the Sales.)

In a latest tweet by Mr Andy Rubin, who leads the Android Platform, wrote: There are over 300,000 Android phones activated each day.

Andy Rubin

We are in the last month of 2010 & the numbers were 60,000 per day in January 2010.  Symbian Foundation also announced later that they are activating 300,000 handsets every day. If this is true, then Android has now matched up with them.

In my opinion, unfortunate for Nokia (If their above stats are correct) –  it is loosing its popularity to Android.

Nokia in anticipation of the scenario, now has a new CEO, new design team & restructuring of Symbian Foundation in place already. It is time for Nokia to work hard and make its presence felt in the Smartphone Market. They haven’t been able to introduce any competent handsets recently against the several handsets that came into the market from other manufacturers with Android.

Android is getting richer in terms of user experience, interface, applications, features, style and popularity. Nokia still is a Mark of Trust among beginner level handsets, but it does not look like a niche market for the company anymore as the new players bringing handsets with more features in less price.

Nokia’s biggest concern should not be to get ahead of Android and iPhone (which looks too difficult) but, to re-assess how behind they may fall!

At the end, I also want to share is: A very basic yet important advantage for Blackberry and Apple is, they design and manufacture their own hardware. As a result, both these brands are at the top of the charts. Android and its users may miss this advantage in the days to come unless Google ventures into it. Mere branding on hardware will not work in a longer term perspective.

Once well designed hardware experience cannot be compared to a thousand software upgrades. Nokia too has this advantage and can reap benefits if they focus correctly.

Nokia, understand it!


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