Saturday, May 30, 2020


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Wingsland X1: Perfect Training Drone For Flying Camera & Racing

Nothing is as enjoyable as learning how to fly a drone!. Whenever you plan on doing so, it is good if you learn how...
Samsung Galaxy S4 Design Leaked in a Photo on Twitter

Samsung Galaxy S4 Design Leaked in a Photo on Twitter

Samsung Galaxy S IV photos have been leaked on Twitter by @EVLEAKS soon after the company released a teaser video to kick-start their promotional campaign.

Samsung is reaching out to ordinary users & is confident of...

Samsung is generating lot of interest about SIII in less geeky, non-technical users through well placed TVCs. This is a great achievement.

Samsung Galaxy NOTE N8000 with new features Launched in INDIA

Samsung Galaxy NOTE 800 (GT-N8000) with really good features launched in INDIA. New NOTE is very useful for Fashion Designers, Photographers & Artists
Nokia Lumia 2520 Windows RT Tablet

Nokia Lumia 2520 Windows RT Tablet Launched, See Specifications

In a Nokia World event held in Dubai – Nokia announced numerous product lineups, including the most anticipated Nokia Tablet - Nokia Lumia 2520,...

Easy and Cheapest way to connect Mobile Phone + Car Audio...

It is the easiest and cheapest method to play songs & make/receive calls from an iPhone, Android, Nokia or any mobile phone in older cars.

iWatch Release Date Could Be October 2014 – Size Not Finalized...

Alright, there wasn't much to talk about after the initial coverage on iWatch. But now, few new reports are coming in from various sources about...

11 Features Of Lenovo Yoga Tablets

Recently, the one name that’s making the wave in the smart phone as well as the tablet segment across the world is, Lenovo. Yes,...
IDEA Cellular Android Mobile ZTE Blade 3391, Huawei ID-280, should you buy?

IDEA Cellular Android Mobile ZTE Blade, Huawei ID-280, should you buy?

IDEA cellular brings low-cost branded Android phones with at-par features, specifications and price. But, should you buy them? Let's see
Samsung announces Galaxy ROUND

Samsung Galaxy Round – First Curved Screen Phone, But Is It...

Samsung today announced new Galaxy ROUND – a new Android powered phone with flexible display, which actually is a curved screen phone (Flexible, as in innovative...