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Most Used Search Engines and Total Market Share Trend as of...

Presenting here is a list of most used Search engines around the World. The list is created based on statistics of year 2011

Apple iPhone 4 awarded the ‘Best Mobile Device’ in 16th Annual...

Apple's iPhone 4 bagged the Best Mobile Device Award in 16th Annual Global Mobile Awards 2011
Nokia + Microsoft: Now Official but How Beneficial?

Nokia + Microsoft: Now Official but How Beneficial?

On February 11, 2011 Nokia & Microsoft announced a strategic partnership to strengthen brand values, market share and to create exciting mobile eco system
Flash Player Update 10.2

Flash Player 10.2 launched for Windows, Mac, and Linux

Adobe today announced their most revolutionized version of the very popular Flash Player 10.2. I had covered a post about it while this player was...
RBI makes One Time Password (OTP) compulsary for transactions over Telephone, IVR

RBI Makes One Time Password (OTP) Compulsory For Telephone / IVR...

As per guidelines from Reserve Bank of India (RBI), It's mandetary for all Banks to provide One Time Password (OTP) for all transactions

ALERT: Gawker Media users info Leaked on torrents

It's been a week since this storm is surrounding over the Internet just like we had many 'I Love You' virus alerts few years...

Now Official: Chrome OS and Chrome Notebooks

Today's event focused more on Chrome OS which was announced last year. They also demonstrated Chrome OS on a unbranded computer hardware.

Adobe’s Flash Player Promises HD Video Playback

Adobe has developed a GPU (Graphic Processing Unit) acceleration with Stage Video which now force entire load to video rendering unit of your Graphic Processor.
The Pros of Outsourcing Content Creation

The Pros of Outsourcing Content Creation

Content creation is a huge part of marketing. Many businesses now use content to boost their growth, whether they write it themselves, hire in-house,...
Fastest Free VPN for Sweden

Fastest Free VPN for Sweden