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Top 10 Facebook Applications as of Feb 2011

Top Applications, Fastest Growing Applications and Worst Applications on Facebook as of February 2011 according to their DAU & MAU statistics.

Facebook turned ON Instant Personalization, How to turn it OFF?

Facebook has introduced 'Instant Personalization' and may sound interesting to but it could really be a privacy concern for lot of users of Facebook.

Facebook: How to activate new profile layout

Facebook announced this Sunday that they have introduced new profile layout for members. This feature will allow members to feature their friends & experiences on...

Email ?

Facebook to offer username & email addresses on a consistent basis throughout the site. More like a Facebook+ based on Google+
Why You Need Inventory Management

Why You Need Inventory Management

If you’re a business owner, you are probably aware of the difficulties of managing a growing business. Unfortunately, losing track of inventory happens more...