4 Tricks For Creating A Fantastic Website On A Tight Budget

The fact that any business or even a person who wants to make a name for themselves today needs a website is well-known. At least, this used to be the truth, but now things changed. You don’t need ‘a’ website to help you build an online presence and achieve success. What you need is ‘a fantastic well-designed and optimized’ website. Having a subpar page will do more harm than good because it will only make you look cheap and unprofessional. Therefore, while it’s very easy to make a website in 10 minutes using basic software, you definitely shouldn’t do that if you want to build a web presence that incites respect and interest.

But what if you don’t have the money to pay a good web design agency?

In this case, you save up for a bit and then apply your funds in the most efficient ways using a variety of tricks to cut costs without reducing quality. If you plan your project well enough, you will be able to get a professional-looking website at the cost of a few weeks’ pocket money.

4 Tricks to Help You Save Money When Creating a Top-Grade Website

1) Use stock images

The importance of visuals for a website cannot be stressed enough, but not any visuals would do today. As people will use them to judge the quality of your website at a glance, your visuals must be professional and literally picture-perfect.

You can’t afford to hire a photographer or an artist to create original unique images just for you. However, you can use stock image databases to get beautiful and unique pictures. Therefore, search for the best matches to your chosen WordPress theme (WordPress is the ultimate budget website platform) at Pixabay, Pexels, and similar websites.

2) Invest in VPS hosting

It’s easy to find cheap hosting today, but this ‘cheap’ means ‘shared’, which means ‘not nearly secure enough’. If you can’t afford to get a private server at the moment, you need to use a VPS hosting service. This option is only a fraction more expensive than shared hosting, but it much safer and will allow you more flexibility.

Good hosting is always worth the investment because it does not only provide you with better security. Hosting determines the speed and stability of your website. If you want to gain subscribers and attract a lot of traffic, website performance must be impeccable. Therefore, you should upgrade to a private server as soon as you are able to afford it.

3) Embrace white spaces

The trend for minimalism has been going strong for years in web design, which is great news for everyone who wants to build a website on a budget. In essence, this trend calls for maximum use of whitespace, allowing you to limit expensive graphical elements.

Make your pages clean and leverage typography, because any nice font will look impressive when bold contrasting letters are the main ‘attraction’ of the page. Such a design looks sophisticated and by reducing additional graphics you might free up enough funds to buy a stunning custom font.

But remember that the font must be easy to read. Flowery calligraphy might look good, but it’s hard to understand, especially on a smaller mobile gadget screen.

4) Optimize from the get-go

Website design isn’t the only thing that matters for its success. Optimizing your pages for search engines in equally important. And if you can’t afford to hire a professional to do this for you, start studying Google’s SEO guides and resources that explain how exactly Google Search works.

Today website optimization only marginally relies on keywords, so learn how to make your website more visible and where to promote it for better results.