5 Ways A Printable Calendar Can Boost Your Business Productivity

With the advent of the Internet, printable calendars might seem like archaic relics of the past. But you would be surprised to find out that even today, calendars are not completely obsolete. Unlike a smartphone, which you can quickly toss in the drawer and forget about it for the rest of the day, a physical calendar will always be there, up on the wall, staring in your face, as if it is screaming at you to stop slacking and get on with your tasks.

They key to becoming a successful entrepreneur is setting clear goals and prioritizing, and there is no better way to keep track of them than by using a calendar. In other words, that tiny chunk of plastic can be a great psychological tool that can help you become more efficient. Here are five ways a printable calendar can boost your business productivity.

Setting and Tracking Goals

A surefire way to increase productivity and grow your business is by setting and tracking goals. And this is not just a buzzword circulating throughout the corporate world – the positive effects of goal setting have been scientifically studied and proven since the 30’s, when Cecil Alec Mace carried the first empirical studies on this concept, which where continued in the 1960’s by Edwin A. Locke in his groundbreaking study Toward a Theory of task motivation and incentives.

And there is no better way to keep track of them than by using a printable calendar. You can make this process enjoyable by experimenting with different calendar printouts and designs or marking each goal with personalized visual cues.  Having a clear, visual representation will not only help you keep a historical perspective of your progress but will also give you a huge confidence boost and incentive to keep at it. Furthermore, a calendar will allow you to see, at a glance, the chronology of your growth not only from a personal but a career perspective as well.

Prioritizing Important Events and Activities

A good businessman is always aware of the importance of prioritization. While some people are natural multitaskers, it is only natural to feel overwhelmed at some point. This is where a printable calendar becomes vital, as it can help you organize your business activity.

But if you are just noting down certain events and activities on the calendar without providing any additional visual cues, you can get confused as to which of them are urgent and which can be put off until you handle more important issues.

A good rule of thumb is to color code every single task. In this way, with just a simple glance, you can see what you should prioritize. You can even assign different colors – for example, blue for appointments, yellow for staff meetings, red for due dates, the possibilities are vast. Color coding and prioritizing activities can also represent a good exercise of restraint and discipline because we all have a tendency to bite more than we can chew.

Remembering Recurring Tasks

Whether you like it or not, in addition to all the other responsibilities that come with running a business, some tasks have to be repeated on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. These tasks can range from weekly report meetings with the staff, daily sales analyzing to monthly maintenance checks. While these can just as easily be committed to memory, there is no reason not to mark them in a printable calendar just to make sure you do not forget about them.

Keeping up with Due Dates

There is nothing more frustrating than missing a due date, only to find out that it was not because of incompetence but misremembering the date. You can use the printable calendar to keep track of important dates and tasks that are relevant to the growth of your business. Note down when the bills need to be paid, when software licenses have to be renewed and other logistical aspects that are under your direct control.

Keeping in Touch With People and Networking

Nobody is more aware of the importance of good old-fashioned networking than businessmen. Whether you like to admit it or not, the lifeblood of developing a successful business is striking the right connections. Ideally, as an entrepreneur, you will be talking to a lot of people on a daily basis.

Since even the best of businessmen can have a hard time keeping track of all the names and faces, a printable calendar saves you from a lot of awkward encounters. A good businessman is always flexible and open to every person’s character quirks. For example, some of these people might expect a follow-up call to a face to face meeting, others put a high emphasis on family values, and they will appreciate you giving them a call on their children’s birthday and so on and so forth. And there is no better way to keep track of these details than noting them down on a printable calendar.


Even with the spread of high-speed internet and other smart devices, printable calendars have not become completely obsolete. And for good reason, too – in the right hands, it turns into a very effective organizational tool that can maximize efficiency and contribute to the growth of the business in a significant way. Make sure to use the printable calendar to keep in touch with important people, and remember recurring tasks and set goals and, after a while, you will surely see a boost in your business productivity.

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