6 Mobile Apps For Taking Your Photography To The Next Level

Smartphone photography dominates social media with apps allowing every user to create high-quality shots with compelling effects. These 6 mobile apps to take your photography to the next level can put your images in an élite class no matter your years of experience behind the lens.

6. Adobe Photoshop Touch

 Adobe Photoshop Touch

Image via iTunes

If you want a full suite of professional editing tools, Photoshop Touch is a free photo editing app with tons of options to enhance your photos, and it’s for both Android OS phones and iOS smartphones. Equipped with the core set of Photoshop tools, the app can add image filters, select layers and clarify picture elements. With Adobe’s customization abilities, each new picture you create be completely different from the last. The app can also handle high-resolution images up to 12 megapixel.

Word of Warning: The program’s myriad features can overwhelm you, if you’ve never used Adobe’s industry-standard desktop version. Take advantage of the how-to guides that come with the app when you download.

5. Snapseed


Image via Google Play

Now owned by Google, Snapseed is free for download across Android and IOS platforms. Apart from the low price, what’s attractive about the app is the professional quality pics you can generate with relative ease. Anyone can use this one regardless of skill level.

Adjust photos with one tap with the program’s auto correct feature, which scans your picture to balance its color and light levels. Create images with greater depth using Snapseed’s tuning tools, including saturation and contrast adjustments. Platform supports JPEG and TIFF images and includes a direct upload feature to social media outlets, including Google+.

4. TouchRetouch


Images via iTunes

The hallmark of any professional photographer is the ability to cut unwanted material from your images. For $0.99, the TouchRetouch app let’s you remove unwanted photo bombers and random light flashes to create pristine pictures. There’s no limit to the edits you can make on a single photo. Smart recovery technology fills in the background as you edit so you’re not left with gaping holes in the scenery.

The app also comes standard with touch-up functions to rid facial features of blemishes and blotches. Upload your finished products to your Flickr, Twitter or Facebook accounts using the app’s integrated sharing tool.

3. Camera+


Images via iTunes

Create crisp images that are on par with any professional with this app. You can alter light and other ambient elements in your photos with one touch using any of the platform’s 16 scene modes. Use the 6x digital zoom to hone in on your subjects while you set focus and exposure independent of one another. This level of control lets you create the photos you want without the restrictions of prefabricated settings.

Clarity Software Design: One option you won’t complain about is the Camera+ ‘Clarity’ feature, which scans your photos to cut out shadowed areas and bring vibrance to areas you thought beyond saving.

2. Piclab HD

Piclab HD

Images via iTunes

This program is a full-blown design studio hidden inside a photo app. With PicLab HD, you add almost any element to your images, including editing using layer technology, blending or erasing photos with erasing tools and adding your own custom artwork. Create unique images for your business. Develop inspirational posters to share with your social media following. The $1.99 price tag for the entire package (minus some extra in-app purchases) is hard to beat.

1. VSCO Cam


Images via Google Play

With more than 88,500 downloads on the Android marketplace alone, VSCO Cam is the measuring stick for all other smartphone photography apps. Customization is a key feature of this platform. You can adjust the strength of any element you add to a photo, including any preset filter you apply. Access stored data for every image you create, including settings used, filters, place and date, to drop the guesswork from your mobile shots. If you don’t like the image you create, or forget which filter you applied, you can always check the changes against the original photo.

Creating magazine quality shots is now easier than ever when you use one of these apps to do the heavy lifting. There’s no need for expert training. All that’s necessary is the right moment.

Surely this list of mobile photography apps looks good. Let us know how you liked it & do comment if you know any other great photography app. Enjoy.


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