6 Ways Shopping Has Changed in the Last Decade: Does Technology Dictate Our Habits?

Shopping today is vastly different than it was even one decade ago. Technology has created new ways to shop and complete vital tasks for consumers and businesses. No longer are consumers restricted to brick and mortar stores, they can shop online and find everything more conveniently. To understand how technology has dictated your habits, review the 6 ways shopping has changed in the last decade.

Keeping Up to Date About Fashion Trends

Keeping up to date about fashion trends helps women get the most out of their shopping experience. The latest fashions and styles don’t have to cost a lot to make a woman feel beautiful. Reviewing new trends and finding the right stores helps women get the most out of their shopping experience and find beautiful clothing. Following their favorite stores online gives women updated information about the latest releases and presents full-color images of all the seasonal styles. Women who want to learn more about the season’s greatest finds can review online shopping for women now.

Ads are Available Everywhere

Viewing ads presents shoppers with faster details about new products. Ads aren’t just available on the television or the newspaper anymore. Technology helps retailers find shoppers who are interested in their products and place ads in front of shoppers every day. Consumers review hundreds of products each month and find ads on their social media of the products they viewed. It is a new technology used in tracking cookies that connects to the shoppers and studies their habits. Today, more shoppers have noticed that when they visit a website it asks if the viewer will accept the cookies.

When consumers accept the cookies, the technology goes to work to collect information about the shopper and their habits. If the shopper leaves items in a shopping cart, the cookies can connect to the user and place ads for the items on social media. The ads are everywhere today enticing shoppers to buy more from retailers. Fortunately, the cookies don’t collect financial data, and they only give retailers possible sales leads. The businesses cannot contact the consumer directly unless the shopper opts in for marketing information.

There’s an App for Everything

Apps are used for everything today, and shoppers use the apps to get information and view stores on their smartphones. Advertising on social media encourages smartphone users to add apps onto the phones and receive daily notifications from the stores. Consumers sign up for user accounts through the apps and get detailed information about products every day. Complete sales transactions are completed through the technology, and shoppers even have a one-click shopping option where they can save their preferred payment method. Consumers can buy literally anything online from any location through the apps.

The apps make it easier to review the entire store inventory on a smartphone. Consumers can save selections for later, and they can even use apps to sell things themselves. Technology has made it easier for consumers to buy or sell anything they want online via their preferred app.

Finding Discounts for Shoppers Fast

Finding discounts for shoppers faster helps them save more and encourages them to buy more products. Technology has made it easier for retailers to show dedicated customers when items are on sale and when promotional codes are available to them. Retailers use email marketing strategies to send messages and marketing materials to consumers each day. Special offers that save money on multiple items make it easier to purchase a larger quantity of products at once. Retailers present the customer with an opt-in opportunity whenever the individual signs up for a user account. If they do opt-in, the retailer can present notifications at any time explaining to the shoppers when new discounts or promotions are available to them.

Faster Sales Transactions

Faster sales transactions with technology than it was many years ago. Today, consumers can make purchases from several different stores without leaving their homes. All items are shipped to the customer’s location from all over the world. Consumers don’t even have to be at home when shopping, and smartphones have made it more possible to complete transactions faster. Customers can shop from any location where they have a cell signal and use any payment method they prefer. They aren’t restricted to paying via check anymore. Most online payment systems accept everything from credit cards to e-wallet payments. Consumers can use electronic payments instead of a direct link to their bank accounts for extra security, too.

Buying Products From Anywhere

Buying products from anywhere is again the best element of the latest technology. Decades ago, customers had to rely on dial-up internet to get connected. Even then, the connections weren’t always reliable, and the transactions could become stalled if the connection even out. This isn’t the case today. Shoppers get on their tablets or smartphones and complete transactions in seconds.

New technologically-based services even allow consumers to complete their grocery shopping online and never have to go inside the crowded store. Consumers today can bypass the long lines at the grocery stores and choose to pick up options instead. If they do go into the stores, they don’t have the wait for a cashier to ring up their items. Self-checkout services allow customers to enter their own items and calculate what they owe. It saves time and the lines are always shorter.

Shoppers of today don’t have to go through the same channels as everyone did ten years ago. Internet connections are faster, and smartphones have given everyone a handheld computer to do everything. Consumers can complete full transactions in a matter of seconds and don’t have to re-enter their financial data numerous times. New technological advancements have even made the grocery shopping experience far less tedious and beneficial for working families. Shopping apps give consumers full power over their shopping experience and offer new information about items that the consumers love. Reviewing how technology has changed shopping for consumers helps everyone understand how far technology has come in the last decade.


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