Facebook Audience Insights Not Saving The Audience? Here's a Workaround Fix

It is frustrating when the Facebook audience insights tool doesn’t let you save the audience. The ‘save’ button doesn’t work & sometimes even the ‘Save as’ button doesn’t work.

Some users have reported that saving the audience immediately as soon as you land on Audience Insights will work. However, that quick fix is not working for many users. Even if that works, it doesn’t let you save the filtered audience, making no sense at all.

If you encounter the same problem, please don’t forget to report that problem to Facebook. We can hope they will fix it sometime soon. I’ve already reported it.

Unable to save from Facebook Audience Insights? Use this workaround for now

Well, this isn’t rocket science, and many of you already probably know it.

  • Go to audience insights and apply the filters for your desired audience.  Do the research you want to do.
  • Make a note of the desired audience.
  • Then in a new tab, go to Facebook Ads Manager > Audiences
  • From the “Create Audience” dropdown, click on “Saved Audience”
  • Re-apply the same filters you did in Facebook Audience Insights and, save the audience.

Voila. Done. Facebook Audience Insights Workaround Fix



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