Best IO Games To Play In Winter

What are you doing these holidays? Most of us don’t have any big plans besides spending some time with loved ones and eating a lot of delicious foods and sweets. So, once your guests leave (or go take a nap) and your stomach is full and happy, maybe you feel like playing something light.

So, we put together a list of great IO games to try when you’re too heavy or lazy to move from the couch!

If you ever had a Nokia phone growing up, you already know what this game is about! But this time your worm needs to eat snowflakes and colorful dots to grow, not small rectangles. Even more, there are other worms slithering around, looking for food, so you have to stay away from them. If it touches another worm of a wall, your worm will die.

If you don’t feel like playing anything too serious, we recommend trying This is a 2D Battle Royale style game that can be played in a browser, which means you don’t need a special device (or a long installation) to play it. takes elements from Fortnite and PUBG and creates a world where your main job is to survive using the tools and weapons at hand. It’s fun, light, and quite entertaining!

This is one of the best-known IO games all over the world! So, if you didn’t get a chance to play it yet, make some room for it these holidays and you won’t be sorry.

The action of the game is rather simple: you’re a blob looking to engulf smaller blobs to get bigger. But you also have to watch out for bigger blobs because they can eat you. The game also offers players the change to brew mystery potions that boost the growth and collect coins of trophies.

Overall, is about strategy which will keep you fully engaged without even a chance at getting bored! brings a new perspective to the outer space exploration idea. As the player, you get to control a black hole which is designed to absorb various things. At first, it can only absorb small things, but as it grows in size, it can absorb larger and larger things throughout the city. In the end, when it gets big enough, it can even swallow other players, thus removing them from the game.

Of course, you also have to stay away from other players’ black holes as you grow yours. The game is also time-limited, so you face the challenge of finding the right strategy in staying alive and finding things to feed your black hole before other players do!

It’s a cool game with helicopters, where players get to shoot and destroy other players’ houses. But you also have to build and protect your own house, if you want to stay in the game.

Also, the more houses you destroy the faster you’ll advance through the levels and get to upgrade your helicopter (at level 20). So, there’s no time to lose!

The cool thing about is that you can team up with your friends in order to grow together and avoid being completely destroyed by more advanced flyers.

While it makes you think about electrical installations, Powerline is another worm/snakes game where your main purpose is to eat and grow. However, this game has some interesting features to it!

First, if you get close enough to another snake, you get a boost of energy, but if you ram into it you are electrocuted and die. Also, if you cross another snake’s path it disintegrates, and you get to eat all its squares.

Honestly, Powerline may look a bit better than Wormax because of the graphic design, but the idea is the same. As long as you can focus and you can react quickly under pressure, your snake or worm should be fine.