Cost Effective Gaming Setups For Pro Gaming In 2019

Once someone becomes a good gamer, they are tempted to build their gaming system. This could be a new market for most of you gamers. During the purchase period, you might get confused and end up picking the wrong parts. You might be in college, and with the tough times we are living in, we all need something that doesn’t require a whole whooping of our pockets. For a beginner, you should have things like a monitor, keyboard, PC, mouse, chair, gaming mouse pad, etc. Dive in this to have your gaming setup ready for the fun!


Where would you begin without a PC? However, with a small budget, having a prebuilt computer could be the best option. Setting your system could be quite hectic since you are required to have your NAND and micro atx case and a flash memory whose price is quite high. With a low price, you can purchase an already prebuilt computer such as the likes of HP Pavilion Desktop- 580.

With this item, you will have saved hundreds of dollars for the purchase and fixation of those items. However, with this desktop, you are guaranteed a 24/7 customer service from the dealers. This is better compared to someone calling about five manufacturers to fix their item. As a gamer, you can find similar desktops in the market provided you conduct a prior search on it.


This is the second important thing you require for your setup. In the markets, you will find the likes of ultrawides and curved monitors. However, our budget does not allow us to get to that level. The monitor that stays in the same lane with our pockets is the 1080p 60Hz monitor. With around $100, you can find a good monitor. With a 1080p monitor, let your monitor be a 24 inches size to give the right sharpness of your images.

Don’t go for bigger screens yet the pixel density is less. We also want a monitor that responds well just like the high-end gaming screens. The TN is the best option for high response rate. Sadly, the colors of TN’s are quite disappointing. Eventually, we want something responsive, and we could do away with the appearance for a bit.


As a first time, you may be excited to have a manual keyboard since it looks fancy and real. As a gamer, your choices are reduced to three colors of the keys; red, blue and brown. With the red key, they are termed to be soft and quiet. For most gamers, they prefer something loud thus the red one is less ordered. For this reason, the market prices are quite low for this color. If you live with people who get irritated by keyboard sounds, the red is the way to go.

For the lovers of clicky and loud sounds, go blue. You will always get some movements when you click on the keys. With the brown switches, it can be termed to be a blend of the red and blue whereby they are neither quiet nor loud. If you want to get the best, visit a local shop and have them tried before making a purchase.

Gaming mouse pad

The surfaces of the mouse are quite soft thus one can glide through them without a struggle. The mouse is quite cheap compared to other gaming systems, yet you get to achieve your gaming potential. Take an example of the PECHAM extended mouse. With this gaming mouse, the keyboard is put together with the mouse to make it a complete unit.


This is something that most people forget. They would rather speak of other necessities such as headphones. People believe that they can improvise their sofas to make them a gaming chair. However, you should note that any other chair is not designed for long gaming hours. In the end, you might hurt your body or feel uncomfortable thus lowering your gaming potential. To protect your back, neck, arms, and legs, the level gaming chair is highly recommended.


As a gamer, your dream is to get your gaming system. Purchasing one can be quite hectic especially if you are living on a tight budget. It doesn’t have to be that hard. With these gaming setups, you can still own one at your home.