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Recently, I came across this amazing shopping service website that helps us decide on what to buy, when to buy and where to buy gadgets such as laptops, televisions, cameras, mobile phones and more.

This new service is created keeping consumers in focus, is entirely driven by unbiased proprietary data, predictive algorithms without any help from marketing tricks so that a consumer can buy and time that purchase with confidence and transparency.

Rapidly growing use of latest technologies & plenty of similar looking products is ONLY putting consumer in confused mode. This results in him or her buying a gadget at wrong price or at wrong time when newer model is about to release in next few days.

For example, we are hearing many rumors about iPhone 5. If a person is not aware of these rumors, he might end-up buying an iPhone 3GS or iPhone 4 at a wrong time when iPhone 5 – a newer and better model – is (apparently) scheduled for release very soon. OR may be something like Samsung’s Galaxy Tab 750¬†which is scheduled for release anytime now and people might spend that cash on other tablets that are not as good. quickly added this to their website. You can read the story about adding iPhone 5 on Blog here.


Decide is a new shopping service that helps consumers buy laptops, televisions and cameras with no regrets. The company uses proprietary data and predictive algorithms to tell shoppers when to buy with confidence or wait for a price drop or newer model to be released. Decide was co-founded by Internet search pioneer Oren Etzioni and has gained support from consumer Internet and e-commerce veterans. The company raised $8.5M in venture capital from Madrona Venture Group, Maveron, and angel investors.

  • predicts future product releases to help consumers avoid any regret by matching hundreds of thousands of devices to their model lineups, crawling the Web for gadget news and rumors, applying advanced machine learning and text mining algorithms.
  • is empowering consumers¬†by helping them make better choices to purchase, lowering costly product return rates.
  •’s price prediction algorithms use billions of closely observed price movements with over 40 distinct factors to help people save money. Helps you buy Gadgets at right price and right time


I am sure – next time you want to buy that latest gadget, you will have more fun shopping and you won’t end-up buying any of the outdated gadgets. The first thing to do is visit

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