DesignEvo Logo Creator - Easily Create Your Logo

In the era of the digital world, logo plays a more critical role in business success. To have a quality designer designed a logo for your business requires a substantial payment. For those who can’t pay for a designer, or have difficulty in inviting them, we would like to suggest some online logo solution alternatively. A decent logo made by a proper and free logo creator can also compete with the logo out from a designer’s hand.

Not mention the well-known GIMP graphic designer requiring a thorough grasp, we decide to introduce you an easy online logo maker this time. Without a steep learning curve, DesignEvo logo maker is the logo solution that works for everybody.

DesignEvo – Make A Decent Logo without Hassles

To use our recommended DesignEvo, please go to its homepage:

Hit [Make a Logo for Free] to start your logo design. The app interface will show after that.

DesignEvo Logo Creator - Easily Create Your Logo

Varied from many online logo makers, DesignEvo doesn’t require users to have an account to use it. However, if you want an SVG logo or a logo in a larger resolution, there is the only option available which needs your signup and update, as these are locked advanced features.

Figuring out how to use it in the operating interface is a piece of cake. You will see that things will go smoothly. You can start with one of the three features in the left functional bar: Icon, Text, and Shape.

DesignEvo Logo Creator - Easily Create Your Logo

Adding Logo Text

Go for [Text] here, there lists two options – Classic and Art. Art has an array of professional logo texts, which can be directly applied to your logo. But if you like to use normal fonts in your logo, then go [Classic] to select from a multitude of popular fonts.

Find a font and press it. A logo text is instanced on your canvas. Double-click to input your slogan for your logo. Drag and move your logo text to adjust its position. Its color, size, and effect are also adjustable. You may also find its touches fantastic.

Inserting Logo Shape

[Shape] lists groups of logo shapes, which is very resourceful. There are thousands of shape options to insert logo shapes. All are well-designed. That is to say, it’s quite convenient to make a decent banner in DesignEvo.

It’s no limit to insert and customize the shapes to your logo. It’s only seconds work to insert a beautiful-looking shape to your logo design.

Putting Logo Icon on Logo Design

DesignEvo offers searchable logo icons. Use its icon search box, think of a keyword and give it a try, you may probably get the related results in milliseconds.

Using Logo Templates

DesignEvo logo template is another recommended feature, which also offers searchable function. Also, notice that using logo templates can never guarantee your logo design unique. After applying a logo template, you can still use the aforementioned features.

Preview and Download

After a logo design is finished, you may need to preview and download the logo for actual use. DesignEvo provides 6 ways to preview a logo, i.e., viewing logo as a business card header, on notebook cover, listing on a website, printing a white T-shirt, projecting on a wall screen, etc. If you are not satisfied with your logo, you can then close the preview mode and re-edit it again. For most users, its free package is enough for a normal usage, which includes a jpg and png logo.

Wrap Up

DesignEvo provides a collection of logo design choices to support designing a logo for any purpose. Using DesignEvo is easy and fun! DesignEvo logo maker is a preferable logo tool, especially for skill-lacking users.