Elements Of A Successful Domain Name

Dozens of factors determine the success of an online store. Most importantly is the quality of the products or services you offer. Next, is the organization and appearance of your website. Customer service is a big factor in determining the success of your store. A store’s domain name is another huge factor. The domain name is the main element in the URL attached to your store. When you choose and buy a domain name you are getting one that will be tied to your online business for years or even decades to come. This makes it all the more important to take your time and choose a domain name that possesses the following qualities.


This is possibly the most important quality in a domain name. You want to create a name that will easily come to mind every time a shopper thinks of a certain type of product or service. Your domain name may rhyme or include a catchy phrase. Or, maybe your store is named after your family and you want to include it in the domain name. Whatever it is, you have to make sure the domain name you choose will not be mistaken for another online store selling the same products as you. A domain name that is too similar to another store’s name may result in lost customers.


A successful domain name lets shoppers know what you’re selling. It’s helpful to think of it as a preview of what shoppers will see if they visit your online store. Not surprisingly, shoppers are more apt to remember a domain name that has a meaning as opposed to one that seems to be a random mix of words. Remember the domain name you choose is often the first introduction shoppers have to your store.

Easy to Spell

A domain name that is easy to spell is also more likely to stay in the minds of shoppers. It’s helpful if the name sounds the way it is spelled. A domain name should not be tricky in any way. In short, any shopper who visits the Internet should be able to type in your domain name without a single mistake. You want to make getting to your online store as simple as possible.

Easy to Pronounce

A domain should be easy to pronounce. Some online shoppers speak into their devices in order to conduct an Internet search for an online store. When a domain name is easy to pronounce, your store will come up in a search without delay.

A Word About Your Meta Description

Along with an excellent domain name, you will need an engaging meta description for your online store. A meta description entices shoppers to visit your store by giving them a quick snapshot of what you sell. The meta description serves as another quick introduction to your business.

Finally, creating a domain name is just the first of many important decisions you will make as the owner of a new online store. Taking the time to lay a solid foundation for your business is going to pay off in the long run.


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