Energy Efficient Office Spaces For More Human Workplace

Your office design does more than provide a space to work. It affects everything from employee productivity to the number of sick days your team takes throughout the year. Office spaces are also a major drain on the environment. Let’s work together to add the humanity back into these spaces we spend so much of our time in.

Everyone should feel comfortable in their workplace. Yet, so many employees today feel like they’re nothing but a number to companies both big and small. Additionally, these workplaces are inefficient, wasteful, and do more harm than good. Together, we can rebuild this relationship between where we work and how we feel.

The Power of the Workplace

How much of an impact do these spaces actually have? Let’s start by examining just the kind of effect these offices have on our feelings, health, and the environment. With so many companies investing big money in the design of their office, it would be expected that these spaces contribute to employee productivity and wellbeing. However, the opposite is true. A reported 71% of employees today are looking to change employers according to a survey by The Ladders.

With such a striking percentage, it’s clear we need to make a change. According to the same study, two-thirds of workers claimed their job has a significant impact on their mental health. All of this stress is leading to employee burnout and low productivity. Office spaces are supposedly more “open” than ever, but at what cost?

Another part of the workplace puzzle to consider is the lack of sustainability. Technology left on overnight, wasted paper, and inefficient uses of energy all contribute to the high cost of offices on the environment. For example, despite the digital revolution, companies on average are still printing 5,000 paper pages a month. All of this makes for an unhappy workplace that feels more like a dark factory than a place to grow your career. How can we make changes for the better that not only inspire employees but change the world we live in?

Energy Efficient Office Spaces For More Human Workplace

Positive Changes for a Greener Future

The solution is to bring humanity back into the workplace. When employees feel trusted and valued by their employers, they’re more productive and motivated. Frankly speaking, they make the company more money. Not only that but when companies invest in clean energy and sustainability, this also impacts employee feelings in a positive way.

Companies invest a lot of money into their office spaces. This is where employees spend so much time. A Harvard study found that the design of these spaces plays a large role in productivity. In fact, green-certified offices lead to a 26% boost in cognition and 30% fewer sickness absences. That means that green office spaces will not only boost the health and wellness of their employees but also save money in the long run.

So what can businesses do today to create a more human, sustainable workplace? Try these steps below to welcome a better tomorrow for everyone.

  1. Employee Trust – Start trusting your employees to make more decisions about their workplace. Flexible work schedules and remote work is shown to lead to more productivity. Using a tool like Humanity makes flexible scheduling a breeze.
  2. Digital Age – We’re in the swing of the digital age, so why not embrace it? Using cloud-based storage eliminates the need for excessive paper waste and helps boost collaboration across offices.
  3. Turn-Off the Power – Much of the workplace energy waste comes from leaving devices on 24/7 even when they’re not in use. Create healthy workplace habits by encouraging employees to power off before leaving.
  4. Natural Light – Not only does natural light make employees healthier, but it’s less expensive than artificial light. Look for office spaces that let in the light.
  5. Green Certification – Look into getting your office green certified in your country. Sustainability should be a pillar of your mission in this day and age.

We all need to make an effort to be more sustainable and to shift the focus back into the wellness of employees. As a business owner, your employees are your biggest asset. How can you team with them to make your office (and the world) a better place?

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