Free Data Recovery Software For Mac

Met with an accident and lost all your data on the Mac operating system? Are you looking for a Mac data recovery software?

This has happened with almost everybody till date. Everybody has lost their data some or the other time and have looked up for a free data recovery software. If you too are looking for it, then let me tell you that you have landed on the right page. Through the means of this article, we will be sharing with you an amazing tool which will help you in recovering your data and that too for free.

The EaseUS Mac data recovery software is the new cool in the market and has been fascinating a lot of Mac users all over the world. This fantastic software makes it easy for you to recover all your lost data and that too without many efforts.

This tool possesses an interface which helps in smooth recovery of data and that too very efficiently. The EaseUS software provides a very simple click feature, with the help of which you can start the recovery process by just a single click.

This software can initiate the process instantly as It has the capability of scanning your drive and saving up all your important data that is stored on the disk. It has some extra additional features that help you to recover the lost data on an infinitely larger scale. Some of the features I liked of EaseUS. Let’s get straight into it.

Features of EaseUS

We have made a list of some of the features that this amazing software provides you with, find t in the below section of this article: –

  • It has a quick scan feature, which scans the drive thoroughly.
  • The deep scan feature finds all the deeply dug files.
  • It has a feature of full hard drive scan.
  • After it performs the deep scan, it saves all the information and data that has been extracted through the scan.
  • It provides you with a preview of the file before it saves it.
  • It allows you to add any number of new file type.
  • It provides you with a feature through which you can scan the capabilities.
  • It is well known for the feature which allows you to recover every kind of deleted or lost data.
  • It has the feature of the deleted partition recovery.
  • It comes with an exclusive feature of the corrupted partition recovery which allows you to recover all the corrupted data.
  • The external drive recovery feature allows you to recover the data that was stored on the external drive.
  • You can also recover the data that was on your SD card with the help of the SD Card Recovery.
  • Another very remarkable feature is the RAW Mac data recovery or the formatted recovery feature.
  • It saves all kinds of removable media too.
  • It comes with an exclusive RAID Recovery feature.
  • The key feature of this tool is the Optical Storage Recovery.

Final Verdict

This super amazing tool named as the EaseUS is a life saver for all the careless minds. This fantastic tool has numerous features and t be honest; this is the tool that we have been waiting for all this while. Apart from the features mentioned above, it has some other additional features too. Some of the additional features include the cloning feature, the bootable USB device feature and the recovery CD feature. Each of the mentioned features is designed and attached to this amazing software to ease up all the data recovery problems of the customers. In a nutshell, this is an outstanding tool.


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