Get On-page SEO Review for FREE in less than 30 seconds!Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the latest trend for websites and an important one. You may find many companies in and around neighborhood or over the Internet that promise to do this job for you but, before handing over this job to someone – make sure you know how it works!

All bloggers or website owners are not likely to know technical involvement required to dig into various on-site and off-site aspects of SEO.

And, it is also not possible to describe everything about SEO in one single post 🙂

SEO Specialist, a London-based company has just offered a FREE SEO review tool to check on-page or on-site information. Though there are several such tools available on the Internet – but this one is very easy to understand and best to kick-start your SEO mission.

This is not a sponsored post. I just liked the simplicity, to-the-point analysis of this tool and so… thought of sharing with you.

About Free SEO Review Tool

The website review tool has been created to quickly yet accurately review all the most important on-page SEO elements found in SEO school. Examples include reviews of webpage titles, text volume and relevancy, amount of indexed pages, headings, meta descriptions and image text.

The new SEO review tool also gives comments about risky ccTLDs (Top Level Domains) that should be avoided, and sites that share IP address with other websites.

Get On-page SEO Review for FREE in less than 30 seconds!

On-Page SEO Results

This SEO review tool provides analytics on ten important factors including: Title, Amount of indexed pages, Text Volume, Text Relevancy, Meta description, Top Level Domain (TLD), Headings (H1, H2), IP-number, Alt text for images, URL path.

Get On-page SEO Review for FREE in less than 30 seconds!

Saw above image? Now, if your website is like and is linked from hundreds of other websites then, search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing already know how important your website is. Hence, you probably do not need this tool at all.

Backlinks still carry lot of weight as long as your on-page SEO score is acceptable.

Start optimizing now! Here is a link

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  1. It’s very interesting that many major companies like Apple can be found in top of Google or Bing without doing so much on-page SEO. But after all, the off page seo (link building) is also very important. If you have millions of backlinks like Apple, it’s not hard for search engines like Google and Bing to understand how important they are.. Imagine, every day many new authority websites link to them. However, I agree. Start optimising. That is the first technique to consider for all smaller website and brand to be found in search engines. But don’t forget link building as well 😉


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