Google brings Official Blogger app for iPhone, iPod and iPad

I had no clue nor you had any, about why Google did not bring an official Blogger app for iPhone and iPad before this. It was of course available on Android devices since some time. But, finally its here for iOS.

There are several paid applications available on both iOS and Android to manage Blogger, WordPress or even self-hosted blogs but this one from Google is FREE to manage Blogger platform.

It might not have all the cool features that paid apps like BlogPress are offering but none the less, seeing this app for iOS devices will bring smile on blogger’s faces. We can expect some quick updates and added features in this app by Google.

Even if your account has multiple blogs, you can manage them through this app.

About the Blogger app

Start blogging on the go with the official Blogger app!

With Blogger app for iPhone and iPod touch, you can easily publish posts with pictures, labels and location information. Also, you can view the list of posts and if you have multiple accounts or blogs, you can easily switch between them.


  • Select account/blog if you have more than 1.
  • Include pictures from the gallery or by taking a picture directly from the app
  • Add labels
  • Add location information
  • Save as draft or immediately publish
  • View list of saved/published posts


Google brings Official Blogger app for iPhone, iPod and iPad

Download Links

Blogger from Android Market

Now you keep Blogging on-the-go 🙂


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