Community Rules: What Types of Guest Posts are Acceptable in Online Communities?

Guest posting is a fantastic way to get some backlinks to your website. Essentially, it’s a win-win type of relationship between the webmasters and you: they get some great content to post for free, while you get a backlink plus some direct exposure to your website. That being said, you won’t get a ‘yes’ every single time, even though there are certain types of guest posts that are more likely to get accepted than others.

Let’s take a look at these and explain what makes them work so well:


By understanding what’s the most powerful and beneficial way to use the internet (hint: to learn something new or solve a problem), it’s easy to see why tutorials work so well. Not only do they help the readers see the light at the end of the tunnel, they also serve as a set of step-by-step guidelines they can use to reach that goal.

You may be held back by the idea that by showing them the way to go, there’s going to be no one left who’s willing to pay for your services. But guess what? Sometimes, the procedure might still be too technically demanding or time consuming for them to be worth undertaking alone.

And besides, if all of your business secrets can be exposed inside a simple guest post, then you’re probably not in a very reliable industry in the first place. Simply put, don’t be afraid of it – the sheer exposure your business gets from guest posting is worth much more than the risk of revealing a bit too much.


People have grown to love infographics in all shapes and forms! Use this to your advantage and deliver the content in the format they enjoy the most. Infographics are easy to digest, because they are short and to the point (plus, there’s a whole bunch of attractive images and colors in them).

For inspiration on how to make one, you can simply browse through the collection of those that have already been posted online. If you’re not comfortable designing one yourself, you can use an online infographic designer, or hire a Guest Posting Service to do it for you.

Reviews and product comparisons

Whether you’re posting a review or comparing multiple products side-by-side, if they’re popular and relevant to the niche you’re targeting, people will love to read what you have to say about them. Oftentimes, they’re looking for the best product themselves, and whether it’s paid or free, they always want to know what solution is worth their time learning or investing into.

This type of guest posts is great for attracting many readers, and it’s not uncommon to see a heated debate sparking up in the comments below the post. Most of the people tend to be very passionate about the products they’re using, especially if they’re from a known brand, all of which could drive some massive traffic your way and improve your search engine ranking.


Guest posting is one of the most efficient content marketing strategies, and it’s alive and well. By learning how to write the type of content people want to see, you will start getting many guest posting opportunities that were unattainable to you before.