How The Internet Has Had An Impact On Big Industries!

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There’s no doubt that technology has had a lasting impact on pretty much every sector out there – whether it’s the appearance of Uber to shake up the world of taxis and the concept of traditional work hours or juggernauts like Amazon and eBay irrevocably changing the face of retail. Ever since the internet first came onto the scene we’ve seen big changes in some sectors as they alter their product to meet their demand (and the casualties of businesses that failed to do so).

But what industries have changed the most? Let’s have a look at some areas which have faced the sharpest upheaval!


We mentioned it with Amazon and eBay but that’s the tip of the iceberg, just about every company that sells to the general public has to have an online presence as more and more of their customer-base are moving to the internet and ordering straight to their homes. It isn’t just for odd bits and pieces like books or retro video games, there are people ordering their groceries directly to their home or in some cases a whole car! The automotive industry is particularly interesting as there’s still a strong market for test drives and attending a dealership but nowadays the same consumers are doing research online before they arrive. In terms of seismic alterations, retail is a strong front-runner.


If there’s any industry that’s had a hard time with the dawn of the internet, it’s entertainment. Almost from day one, there’s been the issue of piracy as those with fewer scruples could steal media online rather than pay to obtain it. It took a while for the industry as a whole to catch up with the pirates, but by introducing legal ways to achieve the same experience piracy has been somewhat curbed. It’s obvious that certain businesses failed to adapt to the times, the most cited example is Blockbuster and Netflix, but when it came to music and video it took a surprisingly long time for the industry as a whole to react. Nowadays, streaming is king and legal viewing is far more common but it’s undeniable that the internet had a major impact on how entertainment evolved.


Whether you spend your time playing hands online at sites like or you’re tuned in to the latest Call of Duty, gaming has been massively shaped by the internet. What was once only social if you invited a friend to your house or attended an arcade you can now play with friends from over the globe. This new globalization makes it possible to play and befriend people from all walks of life and across the world. A nice change from having two or three close friends you can trust to play Street Fighter with. Gaming has been a major driver too in the improvements of technology for streaming content, allowing interactions within a space and even VR in recent years.

What do you think? Are there other sectors that could benefit from taking a leaf out of these books? Or are we missing a prime example? Let us know in the comments below!