Build Modern & Intelligent Websites With IBM Content Hub CMS

You either have a static website which you’re updating manually or your website is taking advantage of the Content Management System (CMS). Anyone of us would fit into those two categories. CMS is a bit of complex, interlinked & often a modular software that allows us to build, manage and, update our website without necessarily fiddling with HTML, CSS or JS side of things.

Over the years, CMS has evolved greatly in terms of the technology stack, the experience, security & ease of use. Cumulative market share of most popular CMSes is over 80% and the WordPress alone occupies over 59% of that share.

As we’re progressing into the mobile-era, the data-connectivity, faster communication, digital marketing, social media and so on – the job of CMS is no longer only limited to creating & managing content. Many aspects such as loading speed, uptime, mobile device compatibility, content curation, customization, personalization, localization, lead generations, eCommerce are becoming more & more important.

I’m using Drupal, WordPress for almost a decade & Magento for past few years. Well crafted CMS is an essential part of creating an interactive dynamic website especially if you’re into the publishing industry, have an eCommerce store or marketing online. During this journey, I got a chance to explore the IBM Content Hub CMS & in my opinion, it gels perfectly with today’s requirements.

It’s another CMS, but, with the IBM touch

Yes! The IBM Watson Content Hub CMS comes bundled with a comprehensive set of intelligent feature that powers modern digital experiences. In addition to that, this is a hosted solution that takes your usual worries off about the traffic spikes, faster loading times, code updates and so on.

IBM Content Hub is a headless CMS so that you can build your content repo as you like. Integrate it using the REST APIs and whichever front-end technology you want, for delivering a personalized experience to engage your customers. It is useful for:

  • Mobile apps,
  • Interactive Kiosks,
  • Cars,
  • Web apps,
  • Billboards,
  • eCommerce sites,
  • Landing pages,
  • Email marketing,
  • The personalized content & lot more.

The IBM Cloud CDN and caching come inbuilt with the IBM Content Hub that takes care of the frontend as well as backend performance & blazing speeds anywhere across the globe.

One clear example of IBM’s intelligence into their CMS is in automatic tagging of various files we upload into the library. It’s called Cognitive tagging that analyzes content for various objects, colors, ages, gender & lots more. In any other CMS, we spend several hours just to type in the metadata for each & every file so that we can find those assets later. But here, with the embedded Watson Visual Recognition tool, the tagging happens automatically within moments irrespective of the file formats. We can remove the tags we don’t need but it makes life so much easier & tons of hours of production time.

Cognitive tagging

We all know how a picture is worth a thousand words, thus, the visuals are key elements of any powerful presentation. Rendering amazing visual experience across multiple size devices is an important task. Some CMSes or their plugins do offer to create multiple size images by creating two, three variations of the one image but getting them to show as we want is not easy. In IBM Content Hub, the modular content type builder easily allows us to define placements, sizes & required rendering of an image for various layouts. It takes care of everything.

Adaptive Image Rendering

Fresh & Creative Media Assets

IBM Content Hub comes integrated with the fresh, creative digital assets such as stock images & videos from Shutterstock. We can easily search from over 200 million creative assets to find the perfect images & videos to use on the website. With the help of IBM’s AI tagging and machine learning, we can further narrow our search to find desired images from more similar looking assets.

Fresh & Creative Media Assets

Content delivery based on the intent

One of the best use of IBM Content Hub is to deliver personalized content based on the intent of the visitor. It can be done by combining the IBM Watson Conversations service that understands the natural language.

Visually build full websites or a connected website for your startup

It also comes with a visual site composer that allows us to create a complete hierarchy, add pages, navigation, and content to the website. The entire site can be built without writing a single line of code. We can also build multilingual websites while restricting that content to a particular geography.

Startups are about providing efficient solutions to age-old problems. I see a lot of startups build their website separately from their main application. And in most cases, the customization and the personalization requires building two separate content repositories. This means, they either lack in delivering the fresh, intended content to the visitors or they spend more time to keep connecting the dots. With help from a bouquet of IBM’s services integrated into the Content Hub, startups can actually take advantage to efficiently build a single large content repo for timely delivering consistent user experience.

Marketing A/B Testing

To deliver optimized user experience & get more from the digital marketing efforts the A/B testing is an important task. Using the IBM Content Hub we can easily create two separate content type layouts for the landing pages. Then using the Optimizely SDK the marketers can create experiments by allocating 50% of total traffic to each of those content types.

This way, your landing page visitors will see two different layouts & then by using the analytics you can determine the most likable version to continue using that for generating more leads.

When we use landing pages for the ads campaign – the speed, customer engagement, number of conversions matters in improving the ad quality and thus help to reduce the ads budget as well.

Marketing A/B Testing

Not just that, now the IBM Content Hub can seamlessly connect with their Campaign Automation service to take advantage of the Hub’s rich library of digital assets. These can be reused in promotional emails or for creating the new landing pages. This also enables the use of powerful AI capabilities, searching, filtering & Shutterstock image search of the IBM Content Hub right from the IBM Campaign Automation.

With that many powerful microservices, the IBM Content Hub is surely the best cloud hosted CMS platform for now & the future. They also offer a 30-day trial period if you wish to take a test ride before making a commitment to the platform. The set of features, the usefulness of it cannot fit in one article. In case you’ve any questions about IBM Content Hub, please ask me in the comments & I’ll try to answer them at best.