An initiative of the ‘Youth 4 Gandhi Foundation’, a first of its kind interactive web portal on Mahatma Gandhi was launched in India on the occasion of his 66th death anniversary on January 30, 2014. The website was launched by Sam Pitroda, an Advisor to the Prime Minister of India.

The portal ‘Search For Gandhi’ – is specifically designed & developed for children from the age of 6 to 15 years around the world. The motive of this website ‘Mahatma Gandhi For Children’ is to bring the life story of Gandhi through text, audio, videos, games, puzzles, quizzes, to educate & inspire the young generation.

This multimedia bouquet of information is designed to drive visitors in adapting to the thought process of Mahatma Gandhi & tell them about how his best practices can be implemented in our own lives.


The idea behind this website seems very interesting because, more detailed information about Mahatma Gandhi will reach to a large number of kids using technology; through creative, multimedia platform & also because the thought behind the website itself is interesting – It’s not just about searching more information about Mahatma Gandhi, but it’s more about searching for Gandhi within us.

“The key to finding Gandhi is to discover yourself. I feel; if I need to emulate or know about Gandhi then I must know how.” says Jahnavi Prasad.

Twitter Conference was held on January 30 from 5pm IST inviting people from all over the world to pay tributes & take part in the launch of this interactive website. You can read more about this Twitter Conference on Storify. The conference did see hundreds of incoming tweets from various countries & questions were answered by Mr. Sam Pitroda (@sampitroda) & Jahnavi Prasad (@jprasada, Founder of Youth 4 Gandhi Foundation).

The web portal has plenty of information on the journey, the leadership, the philosophy, photo gallery, games & more. One can also ask for a CD containing information on Mahatma Gandhi from anywhere in the world by simply filling up the online form.


At the moment, all invited schools in India are eligible for entering the “Search For Gandhi” campaign. Children & parents are requested to register online on this website & read through for more information on using it. Schools in India will receive more guidance on using & spreading the word among students about this new initiative of the website.


Website Link

You can visit – ‘Search For Gandhi’ website here.


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