How To Keep Momentum Going With A Growing Website

When you start getting consistent visitors to your website, you can and should feel proud of your success. There’s obviously a huge audience out there, but there are also tons of other people building websites that attempt to do what you do. If visitors are coming to your site, it means you’re doing something right.

But the thing with the internet age is that you can never stand still. Change happens so quickly, that you can’t rely on the same visitors to keep coming back indefinitely. You need to keep growing somehow, or you might one day realize that all of your old visitors have gone somewhere else.

So how do you keep the momentum going with a growing website? You need to implement strategies before there’s ever a problem. Here are some ideas on how.

Switch To A Dedicated Server

If you want your visitor count to keep growing, you need to be certain your website can handle it. You can’t necessarily stick with the same shared hosting option you began with. As you move from the thousands to the tens and hundreds of thousands, to the millions, your needs change drastically. Switching to a dedicated server may be the best thing for you. Read these dedicated server hosting reviews to find the right host. You want the ability to host millions of visitors, and you want to be sure it is with a company that can handle it and will be there for you when things go wrong.

Build A Network

Of course, you have competitors. That’s the nature of a business, no matter what model you use. But in today’s world, you often have to partner with your competition to get results. Obviously, linking to your direct competitor’s website is not a good idea. However, you need to determine which sites are threats and which can complement your own.

To continue growing, you’re going to need backlinks from other reputable websites. The more you grow, the more reputable backlinks you need. A strong outreach strategy, in which you create an ever-growing network of company websites and blogs, is critical. Form allies, rather than trying to drown out the competition.

Offer Something Palpable

This is important, especially if up until now your main service has been articles or blog posts. It is even true if you’re offering practical advice. Take the momentum you’ve built, and create new products. Products sell.

If, for example, you’ve been blogging about fashion, create an ebook or course on stocking a stylish wardrobe on a budget. If you’re a technology website, partner with companies you review to provide discounts exclusive to your visitors.

Expand Your Presence

Unfortunately, no matter how much you hate social media, you’re going to have to engage with it at some point. A website is no longer enough to give you the web presence you need. Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, all have their problems, but they make you so much more visible. So much easier to find.

Your online presence should be constantly growing, to match your ambition. Do what it takes to get your name out there, even if that means you spend hours (or dollars) engaging with lovers, haters, and trolls.