5 Common User Experience Mistakes That Are Driving Your Website Visitors Away

Today’s websites are a far cry from the websites of a decade ago. It’s possible to do a lot more with a website, to completely customize a design, and to make an amazing business website to help attract more leads. However, businesses today are still making mistakes that can cause visitors to leave their website and go to a competitor’s site.

Poor Mobile Experience

Increasing numbers of people are using their smartphones to browse the internet when they need something. Right now, the majority of visitors that will check out your website will be mobile users. This means the design of your website needs to consider what mobile users need. Your website should automatically switch to a mobile-friendly design when someone views it on their smartphone, should still have all of the information they might need and should still be easy to navigate.

The Website is Too Slow

It’s all too easy to use flash, large websites, videos, and other elements on a website to try to enhance the user experience. When these things cause the website to load a lot slower, however, they’re likely doing more damage than good. According to, slow load times invite the visitor to click away. You typically have 4 seconds or less for your website to load before a visitor looks elsewhere.

Difficult to Read the Website

While you may have images or videos on your website, the text takes up most of every page. It’s crucial to make sure the text is easy to read. High-contrast color combinations, standard fonts, and more can be used to make sure visitors can easily read the information on your website. If you’re worried about the readability of your website, work with a Digital Marketing Agency that can help with the topography. The easier it is for your visitors to read the information on your website, the more likely it is they’ll stay there.

Contact Info Difficult to Find

If visitors have questions about something on your website or your products, how can they get in touch with you? According to Usability Geek, missing contact information is a common mistake on websites. Instead, contact information should be as easy as possible for visitors to find. Have contact information or a link to the contact information on every page so your visitors can get in touch with you when they need help.

Too Many Pop-Ups

Pop-ups can be useful, but too many can leave visitors incredibly frustrated with your website. You may want to have pop-up ads to get people to sign up for your newsletter or to let them know about a sale you might be having, but it’s crucial to keep them to a minimum. Also, make sure they’re easy to close, even if the visitor is on a mobile device, as too many pop-ups or pop-ups they can’t get rid of will lead to visitors leaving your website.

You’ve spent a lot of time working on your business website, but you still may be making mistakes that could cause your visitors to leave and go to your competitor. Check your website for these common mistakes and fix them as quickly as possible to make sure visitors to your website will enjoy the experience and will be willing to spend more time on your website.