Meet The New Age Chronograph Watches

Watches have a special part to play in your life. After a particular age, parents gift their children a watch because then onwards time becomes a crucial ingredient in your success recipe. The one who plans his activities with every tick of the watch and does not waste time is the one who carves niches.

As every revolutionary product has a history watches too have an evolutionary history.

  • The concept of the wearable watch was developed by Peter Heinlein in the early 16th These were huge and had to be hung around the neck. They definitely instilled a love for watches.
  • Then came the pocket watch. These were smaller and portable.
  • While men were into pocket watches, women had a thing for wristwatches. Queen Elizabeth I was also seen wearing a wristwatch.
  • Before 1900 watches were just possession for nobles. Later on, a need was felt for the mass production of watches. So companies like Rolex and Cartier took upon them the responsibility of producing watches for the common man.
  • In the 1960s came the first quartz watch that has still maintained its position in the market. Seiko and Epson partnered to bring in a revolutionary watch.

While all of these years’ watches were more about fashion and less about its use with the entry of internet in the scene technology got blended with fashion and came the smartwatches.

  • It all started with the Seiko TV watch which had an LCD television screen and worked with the help of batteries.
  • Seiko then came with NL C01 which could store 24 digits of information. Then came other watches which could store more and more data.
  • Then entered in the field the watches that had microprocessors and could be programmed.
  • What the battlefield encountered next were the watches by Casio that could keep a count of steps you took, calories burnt and distance traveled.

In this way, the search for watches that became better with every day did not stop.

When the smartphone features were being transferred from your fingertips to your wrist, the stopwatch feature was the feature that could not be forgotten. To actually bring them into the framework chronograph watches were introduced.

What is a chronograph

These watches despite telling the time have way too many functions. These watches are advanced as they can calculate how much distance you have traveled or what the heart rate is, etc. This watch can execute 2 tasks at the same time. They are far more appealing than a regular watch due and definitely add more to your personality and looks.

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