Remove ink from the paper? Re-use it without damaging the paper? Are you kidding? No… I am not kidding but very soon, we might see printers offering UN-PRINT option. The research is complete and many companies have shown interest in this project.

A team of scientists (David Ricardo Leal-Ayala, J. M. Allwood, M. Schmidt and I. Alexeev) from the University of Cambridge, claimed to have developed a technique that uses long and ultra-short pulsed lasers to remove printed text or images from the paper – without damaging or discoloration of the paper used. Heat created by laser lights vaporizes the ink & the same can be collected in a filter in form of a gas.

This new research definitely offers a great prospect to new-age computer printers & photocopiers for having a UN-PRINT button and will help reduce cutting down of trees used for paper manufacturing drastically.

Not just that – this can be a very cost-effective alternative to the recycling of papers and can cut-down carbon emission by up to 79%.

The journal is published on Proceedings of The Royal Society A & the researchers found that, the toner ink can be removed from variety of printers and photocopiers. The visible Green laser technology simply heat up the ink with short pulses for four billionth of a second.

This – if implemented – would a be phenomenal achievement of the decades for sure. Imagine, if you would never need to buy a paper again!

We insist on not printing email messages on paper, encourage using electronic communication instead of print – but there are certain situation where paper is still mandatory and cannot be avoided.

The prototype for this Un-printer would cost about $30,000 & the cost can come down to $25,000. The cost can be reduced further if the project is implemented on a mass-scale in fully commercialized format.

Will paper manufactures allow this to happen? What will happen to Dunder Mifflin paper company?

I would still love this, no matter what others might think. What’s your opinion?
Do share it with us through comments.


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