Product Design: The Ultimate Shredder Innovation from #FellowesInc

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Do you remember the 8th episode from ‘The Office’ season #3? Where, Kevin (the fat funny guy) talks about how he loves to shred important documents and is okay even with no other work responsibility! Got something?

Well, we’re not talking about The Office episode here but we’re talking about the document shredding machine! Paper shredder is used to destroy private & confidential information from documents. Many experts insist on using such document shredding machines instead of simply tearing-off & throwing bills, tax documents, credit cards, bank statements to avoid any kind of identity theft or fraud.

Fellowes, Inc – designer & manufacturer of the very first shredder machine in 1990, is the leading company for making shredding experience faster, easier and safer.Final Non Sampling Copy 2.21.12.doc

Fellowes 79Ci, is one of their 100% JAM PROOF shredder – specifically designed to avoid jamming, which was considered as a major problem in document shredding.

Fellowes 79Ci comes with a special sensor that STOPs jamming before even it happens! And if it detects a mis-fed paper, its touch power reverses the paper out from the shredding machine. Following are the features of a shredder 79Ci:

  • 100% Jam proof shredding machines
  • Specially designed products for Home, Home Office or Businesses
  • Cross-Cut technology with heavy-duty blades to make sure one sheet turns into 399 particles & making it nearly impossible to piece back together.
  • SilentShred technology for very quiet operations, extremely useful in shared workplaces
  • Patented SafeSense technology comes with an advanced sensor and quickly disables the shredder if hands touch the shredder opening.
  • Shreds approx. 14 sheets per pass


Fellowes 79Ci is available for a suggested retail price of $239.99 only. I, personally never had any experience in shredding documents; however, Fellowes 79Ci could really be a smart choice to begin with.

Do share your thoughts about technology being developed by Fellowes, Inc and their 79Ci shredder. We would really love to hear back from you.

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  1. Purchasing a shredding machine is a nice  decision most especially if you have tons of papers that need to be properly disposed of. This could prevent thieves from stealing information that they can use in order to take advantage of us.


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