Just a day ago, Microsoft unveiled their own, redesigned tablet PC – which eventually is set to compete against Apple iPad and Mac Book Air. Upbeat & modern design is the key to its success.

Microsoft is also holding a Developers Summit in San Francisco on June 20 & 21, 2012 as per the invite posted on ZDNet

Microsoft to Announce Windows Phone 8 OS in Developers Summit 2012

Having a developers summit about Windows Phone hints for Windows Phone 8 announcement. This latest mobile OS may include interesting new features to allow developers create apps with more ease.

Expected features in Windows Phone 8 (Codename: Apollo)

  • Mobile OS support for multi-core processors
  • NFC (Near Field Communication) support
  • Really improved Microsoft TellMe (I will be surprised if they don’t jazz it up like Siri Or they should drop it completely)
  • New Wallet application (Similar to Passbook for iOS 6)
  • Some of the core Windows elements networking stacks, security, and multimedia support (This is long due. I used Windows Mobile 7.5 Mango on Samsung Omnia W and it failed to impress me on many levels)
  • Nokia Maps with 3D navigation (Replacing Bing Maps entirely? )
  • Complete redesign to its Zune PC software

Currently, Windows Mobile application store has about 80,000 apps & this has tripled in last one year span after Microsoft chased many mobile app developers with a pay per app offer.

The Windows Phone OS market share (now at 0.66%) is nowhere compared to that of, iOS (62.65%), Android (19.69% & growing) and even BlackBerry (2.09%) and I am sure the company is eying some of these top spots in near future.

Stay Tuned!


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