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Improved Right-click Context Menu

5 Features You Will Love In New Windows 8.1 ‘Update 1’

Microsoft is listening to the user feedback & wants to send a positive signal to the users, especially those using the conventional PC hardware...

Moving From Gmail To Is Now A Lot Easier [How-To]

Microsoft recently announced a new service that allows, moving Gmail account to the new email account, in a few easy steps – this includes moving...
Microsoft wants to make iWatch-like device with suppliers from Asia

Microsoft wants to make iWatch-like device with suppliers from Asia

According to sources from Taiwan-based supplier company - Microsoft is planning and designing an iWatch-like wearable gadget to take on Apple and Samsung
Tech Companies need more Friends in D.C.? Spent Millions on Lobbying!

Tech Companies need more Friends in D.C.? Spent Millions on Lobbying!

A new report from OpenSecrets reveals the amount spent by tech companies on lobbying in 2012. Google tops the chart by outspending others.
Windows 8 release scheduled for October 2012

Windows 8 Price Announced by Microsoft

Microsoft announced Windows 8 Prices. Upgrade only DVD pack is priced at $70, OS download priced at $40 & Special offer upgrade at $15.

Microsoft to Announce Windows Phone 8 OS in Developers Summit 2012

Microsoft is expected to announce all new Windows Phone 8 mobile OS in Developers Summit on June 20. The event is happening in San Francisco

Microsoft Surface Tablet PC running Windows 8 Announced (It’s without PixelSense)

Microsoft Surface announced as new entry in tablet war. It's like a PC and a Tablet at the same time. Lets see some features, specs & price.

Windows 8 Release Date To Be Somewhere in October / November...

Microsoft may release Windows 8 and it's tablets in October / November 2012 with their own branding to take advantage of this Holiday Season

Microsoft asks HTC to stop working on Windows 8 Tablets

Microsoft has barred HTC from developing their ARM based Windows 8 tablets on the quality grounds for creating salable tablets.

Windows 8 Release Preview version available for download!

Microsoft has released Windows 8 Release Preview version for download. You can install this latest Windows 8 beta and try it out.

Microsoft’s Social Network Gets a Silent Forward Push

Microsoft's social network for students is now open for public and offers Open Search, Video Parties and Social Bookmark sharing.

Microsoft Windows 8 Editions Announced! See Comparison Inside

Microsoft silently announced Windows 8 editions. Here is a chart showing Windows 8 edition features comparison to help you pick one.
Facebook Audience Insights Not Saving The Audience? Here's a Workaround Fix

Audience Insights not saving the audience on Facebook? Here’s a workaround...

It is frustrating when the Facebook audience insights tool doesn't let you save the audience. The 'save' button doesn't work & sometimes even the...
Fastest Free VPN for Sweden

Fastest Free VPN for Sweden