Online Test - Futuristic Examination System

Examination is a process conducted to examine the knowledge and evaluate the ability of a person. Henry Fischel was the mastermind behind the development of concept of examination for students that has extremely ruined our lives, don’t you think?

In old times and now also at some places, all the students had to gather in the examination hall for their assessment for an exam which is mainly known as pen paper test. Pen- paper examination era is slowly vanishing away while at present the online examination system has made lives and examination system easier for all so it is considered as the future of education. Only fast internet connection, webcam and a suitable browser are required to enroll for any examination, test or online course. There are many different apps that offer us various course options. All the subjects and topics have different deadlines for examination time accordingly. In this kind of examination the tutor is available online and declares the results immediately after the submission, even before the candidate goes offline. Its wider ability to reach every particular person has attracted many students of rural areas getting great opportunities enrolling for these types of examinations as accessibility to remote areas are mostly difficult for few well known universities. Online examination has also attracted many people to itself by their better offers and ease of not going out to examination halls. These examinations have all formats of questions like multiple choice questions, one word answers and many more.

Cheating has been continuing since eras. There is no fun in exams without cheating for students who are not genuine or sincere enough, so online examination system is best kind of assessment for them as it is very difficult to cheat online. Preventing candidate from doing cheating was nearly impossible so our extremely smart tutors found few methods to avoid cheating methods i.e.-

  • By setting timers
  • Randomize questions
  • Problem oriented question 
  • Submission view 
  • Webcam recordings

Online examination system has been a necessity as it is the one-time solution to all the complications. This system helps to decrease the resources like time, costs of setting up examination etc. The objective of running semester examinations and various tests online just makes the entire task effortless and easy to handle.

Psychometric Tests

US National Council on Measurement Education (NCME) defines psychometrics as psychological measurements, as it is a domain of scientific study that is related to the theory of psychological measurements that are measurements of mental capabilities, data checking , verbal reasoning , mechanical reasoning , situational judgment , attitudes, abilities, testing personality traits and linked affairs. This test discloses a lot about an individual. In short, it is a kind of IQ test. These tests usually have a specific time limit based on formation and capability being measured. 

Nowadays, many companies have started using psychometric kits for their recruitment processes. Many well-known firms also firmly believe that these kinds of tests show positive results and help them find the suitable employee for their firms. They trust the test so that they don’t regret later on their manual decision. 

Few people usually doubt these tests, but truly saying these tests seriously work both ways. It helps the firm to provide a clear direction and follow futuristic goals that are best for their employee or any candidate that is applying. Genuine selection procedure which counts in Psychometric tests finishes of the risks of putting the wrong candidate in the role. 

Different Types of Psychometric tests are as follows:

  • Personality tests
  • Cognitive tests
  • Skill test

Factors to be kept in mind while generating Psychometric tests are:

  • Nature of Reliability
  • Understanding Validity
  • Importance of criteria

Following are the keys that make the psychometric test suitable to high potential identification:

  • Social skills 
  • Abilities
  • Drive

These tests are generally divided into three categories:

  • The Aptitude test – categories found in this group includes are : Numerical reasoning test, verbal reasoning test, inductive reasoning test , diagrammatic reasoning test , logical reasoning test , error checking test . 
  • The Personality test
  • The Interest test

Psychometricians are usually known as Practitioners. They work for various agencies like government and test publishers etc. They evaluate the candidate overall as they are experts in Psychometric. Being a psychometric is not that easy .To become a psychometric an, one need to be sincere enough to do master’s or doctoral degree in educational assessment, statistics or a related area.

Following are the three levels of management and skills are needed to reach a quantifiable level of success:

  • Lower Level Managers are people who require proper knowledge of technical competence and interpersonal communication skills.
  • Mid-Level Managers are people who must have communication skills, flexibility, risk-taking, leadership quality and concern with fulfilling goals.
  • Top Level Manager requires all the skills of a mid-tier manager with a long-term view and sensitivity to the environment.

Followings are the Advantages of Psychometric Tests:

  • Enhances personality 
  • Gives new exposures 
  • Motivates individual
  • Cost saving
  • Unbiased approach
  • Helps to pick the deserving candidate
  • Understand the employee
  • Reveals motives
  • Can be used in any stage of recruitment 
  • Time saving
  • Provides equality
  • Reviews can be done
  • Improves efficiency
  • Accurate
  • Appropriate

Following are the Disadvantages of Psychometric Tests:

  • Method can usually be fake one
  • It can make candidate nervous
  • Incompatible with others
  • Not complete in the whole sense
  • Squeeze the hard earned money
  • Cultural barriers are present 

Ways in which Psychometric tests improve business:

  • A good return on investment requires recognizing the problem
  • A good return on investment requires discovering what successful outcome looks like
  • Knowing development needs
  • Making a relationship between candidate and their manager or other employs
  • Create more synergistic teams
  • Reduce turnovers

How to Determine the Quality of a Psychometric Test?

  • By understanding the Laws
  • By understanding the Needs of business
  • By evaluating the tests and assessments

The above mentioned data makes it clear, why online examination system and psychometric tests are considered important in the organization’s hiring process.