3 Reasons Why Customers Love Chatbots

You might just think of chatbots as a way to keep in touch with website visitors when no living person can be online. There’s much more to these bots than just convenience, though.

One of the reasons you should love chatbots is because your customers do. The stats don’t lie, and the 2018 State of Chatbots report found that 64 percent of customers were pleased with the possibility for 24-hour service that chatbots offer. 55 percent were glad to have a fast way of getting an answer to simple questions.

And an enormous 69 percent of people surveyed would rather talk to a chatbot than any other channel of communication. Here’s why:

People love self-service

Sometimes we just really need someone else’s help. But increasingly, we want to do things ourselves if we possibly can. It’s often faster and simpler than having to explain a complicated issue to a real person.

Go to any grocery store with a self-checkout section, and you’ll see just how much self-service has come along in the last few years. Hotels are increasingly allowing people to check-in with their mobile phone and get a key (or even open the door with their phone) without ever having to talk to anyone.

A chatbot is a perfect way to give customers a self-service option they can use for simpler questions. It doesn’t hurt that it’s taking the majority of repetitive questions off your agents’ hands at the same time.

People want instant help

These days, people are online nearly all day. Most people are within a few feet of their mobile device for nearly the whole day, and they increasingly expect every company they do business with to be as reachable as they are.

It isn’t always feasible to have people working customer service 24/7, so the chatbot provides a great way to communicate that you understand a customer’s need for speed. Since chatbots can handle the most common questions without help from a human, they eliminate the frustration customers feel when they can’t get through just to get help with something simple.

Even if the chatbot can’t answer a customer’s question at the moment, it does give the customer the feeling that your company is paying attention to their problem. Chatbot communication assures people that their issues have been noted and will be dealt with soon.

People like personalized help

When your chatbot is fully integrated with all other channels of communication through ServiceNow call center software, it is capable of delivering a personalized experience. Omnichannel software gives chatbots instant access to all the data from previous interactions with a customer, making it easier to offer customers help that is relevant to them.

As part of an integrated system, the chatbot can then send on all relevant data to an agent if it’s unable to address a customer’s issue. This means callers don’t have to explain their problem multiple times to different people before they get the help they need.

Personalized and relevant customer experience makes for satisfied customers who remain loyal to your brand. Even better, customers who have a pleasant, personalized experience will talk about it online and are the best advertisements of all.

Chatbots are a relatively new technology, but every year they become more relevant. They’re taking away the frustrations of customers and companies alike and making it possible to provide service that’s efficient and personalized at the same time.

Chatbots, used in combination with other communication channels, are poised to provide a level of customer service businesses could only dream about a few decades ago.