Samsung S8600 Wave 3 Review, Specs & Price

The Samsung S8600 Wave 3, the latest Bada operated gadget, has now reached its 3rd iteration. The sleek Samsung S8600 Wave 3 carries metal body tradition that was already set by its predecessors. It is offering its users with a complete 4-inches Super AMOLED and has turned out to be one of its primary selling aspects. The Bada operating system has made an incredible leap to a fully foremost version of the lately available smart phones.

Furthermore, Samsung S8600 Wave 3 offers its users with an interface which simply stands out in comparison to all the leading Androids that are presently available on the market.

What Makes Samsung S8600 Wave 3 Appealing?

While you are opting for this smart-phone, you may find the screen instantaneously familiar. This is not something surprising, as it has a 4-inches WVGA (480 x 800 pixels) Super AMOLED adopted from the I9000 Galaxy S, which is unquestionably a supreme choice of every single Smartphone enthusiast.

The initial scores marked by the Samsung S8600 Wave 3 is that, it has clearly superseded the relatively smaller AMOLED. While you are tapping the back of this gadget, you will be able to recall what actually the earlier versions of both Galaxy S and Galaxy S2 missed out, a significant feature that apparently reflected that all-metal and sleekly design can pleasingly and smartly blend into what we call as perfection.

Samsung Wave 3 Specs & Outlook

The Samsung S8600 Wave 3 robustly relies on the proven specs and stylish outlook which is undoubtedly not at all an off-the-mark technique, although the I9000 Galaxy S has surpassed most of the other devices in every single sense, it did to some extent dropped out for the reason that it is nothing else but being entirely plastic.

The gadget fully supports multi-tasking.  However, the Galaxy S with a superior processor can give top-quality performance in all aspects.

1.4 GHz Scorpion processor, 4GB Internal storage, 5 Megapixel camera, Samsung Apps and microSD slot expandable up to 32 GB, are some of the key specifications that matches with any other top-notch smartphone in the market.

Samsung S8600 Wave 3 Review, Specs & Price

Is It The One?

The point here is, can the Samsung S8600 Wave 3 grab your attention in various other competing Android devices? The answer to this is probably, if you happen to notice closely at the Smartphone’s hardware, you will be able to get a more conclusive response. In case not, then you should have another glance at the Bada OS 2.0 too.

It was not very exciting when Bada was initially released but Bada 2.0 looks surprisingly amazing. Samsung’s recent experience in creating Android devices must have helped them get better and better with Wave 3.

The height of Samsung S8600 Wave 3 is around 125. 9mm with a width of about 64.2mm and being 9.9mm slim. Its total weight is only 122g and is not that much, in particularly while you are considering the all-metal finish into consideration and the fact that it also supports 3G technology in comparison to the Galaxy S.

When it comes to construction and design of Samsung S8600 Wave 3, it has a traditional brushed steel finish and a sleek metal shell. It has been considered as a successor of the earlier Wave 2 version, but apparently it carries an exclusive touch of the Galaxy S device as well.

In short, I would say that Samsung S8600 Wave 3 happens to be one of the best Smartphone gadgets that are presently available in the market.

Should I, buy Android or buy Wave 3 with Bada OS?

Android OS definitely is widely accepted mobile operating system right now & its open-source. Bada is a closed source and developed by Samsung.

Because it is a closed OS, the standard of apps is very high than Android. I think Android market has large number of junk apps that are hardly useful compared to the full numbers between the two OS.

Bada community is growing and soon you can have many apps ported from Android to bada. So, no need to worry much about them if you ‘re not really looking for Android only apps.

Samsung S8600 Wave 3 Price

Samsung S8600 Wave 3 should be available in India for Rs. 20,000/-. You can buy it online from Flipkart



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