Samsung: Buy Apps Via Phone Bill Or Prepaid Balance Without Credit Card

Samsung Electronics announced a new safer way to buy apps by enabling users a choice to pay for the app through postpaid phone bill or prepaid balance on, their Mobile and TV applications portal.

This new payment option for Postpaid and Prepaid mobile users is an essentially practical solution provides secured method to those are skeptical in revealing sensitive credit card information.

It is even more interesting for those who do not own a credit card or cyber cash accounts.

This also means that the Postpaid users can buy apps now and pay later while they enjoy a credit period of up to that particular billing cycle. So, if someone purchase an app on 1st day on new billing cycle, he/she can pay for the app when mobile bill is due for payment.

New payment options are launched in 11 countries to begin with includes, India, Finland, Norway, Germany, Austria, Denmark, Sweden, Ukraine, Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia,

Samsung Apps portal is serving about 15K apps in 120 countries worldwide with 100 million downloads by March 2011.

Since it launched in June 2010, Samsung Apps has offered various billing options including credit card, prepaid cards and cyber cash – and the addition of these new methods provides further convenience and ease of payment, meaning that customers no longer have to enter sensitive information such as credit card details if they wish.

Samsung: Buy Apps Via Phone Bill Or Prepaid Balance Without Credit Card


This is an innovative and practical new step to make App purchases a smoother process and to bring App stores closer to users. Here is a link to Samsung Apps Website

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