Top Technological Advances Of The Year

Technology is moving at a very fast pace. Be it in the application of consumer products or in research and development, every year the tech industry is shaking with immense advances. From space rockets to innovative batteries, take a look at the top tech advances of the year:

  1. 1TB SD Card

It wasn’t long ago when 1TB USB Flash drives were released and now you can get the same storage capacity in a small SD card. Storage capacity is one field which is continuously growing and moving ahead with higher and higher storage in small packs at lower prices.

  1. Amazon Package Delivered by Drone

Amazon recently announced that it completed its very first delivery of product through the drone. Right from delivery, it was a complete 13 minutes tour.  Read details here

  1. Lithium metallic batteries render double efficacy

The anode free lithium metallic batteries could be a game changer with regards to battery efficacy. Researchers know these batteries will be higher in efficiency. They have the twice the power to be energy dense. And, sooner or later they will use on smart watches and smartphones.

  1. Commencement of Hyperloop one high-speed test

The high-speed transmission of Elon Musk, Hyperloop is a mag-lev train transmitting from Los Angeles to San Francisco which will just take 35 minutes. They say that the speed would be somewhere near 750 mph and till 2021 it will be ready to transport passengers.

  1. Small sensors that will be implanted inside the human body

It may appear a little creepy in the beginning, but technology has just gone beyond its last known limits already. Engineers have created sensors that are commercially and medically workable. These micro-sized sensors do not need any power and are implanted on the muscle fiber or nerve. It is very helpful in treating epilepsy and inflammation internally.

  1. Production of more solar energy

The dependence of mankind on mining and burning energy is soon going to end now. The Buffalo Solar City facility will be the greatest producer of solar panels in this segment. This renewable energy resource will help in accomplishing net zero energy objective.

  1. SpaceX landed successfully in the ocean vertically

After 4 failed attempts, Musk’s commercial space company landed Falcon 9 in the water successfully. The ocean landing is tougher than land landing, but quite efficient cost and fuel wise. These reusable rockets may end paving way for cost-effective commercial space jets.

The advancement in technology never seems to end. Every day you have something new to know about and something innovative to discover. Technology is fast evolving and humans are the major reason behind it. Soon there will be a life on another planet and you could go to Mars in hours. Yes, everything will be possible in the coming time. If you’re working on technology or borrowing tech you may end up having a credit card debt, though you can overcome it with credit card loan consolidation.

Photo credits: Aaron Burden


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