Zendesk to Freshdesk Migration — How to Do It Fast

A Fast Zendesk to Freshdesk Migration

If you are reading this, then no doubt you are looking for a fast and efficient way to migrate all your Zendesk data to Freshdesk. We know that often, vendors make it hard to transition to a new tool which is why automated migration solutions exist in the first place. They get the job done better, faster, and on a bigger scale, especially compared to a single individual. If you are looking to move your data, say from Zendesk to Freshdesk, then let us lay down all your options!

Juggling a File

Before we can properly talk about the automated method, let’s first take a look at Zendesk’s native export option. The reason why you’d want to try out the native solution is that it is free and will work well if you don’t have a lot of records.

However, if you have a couple of thousands of them, you can skip to the next section right away as you’ll be wasting time doing things manually. Also, you need to have the Professional plan active for this to be possible. Otherwise, the option will be blocked for you and you won’t be able to request it.

  1. As the Admin, navigate to the sidebar and pick Manage -> Reports.
  2. This will open up a menu where you’ll be able to pick a desired file format extension. Here’s how to select one:
  • To get a JSON export file, pick the date range and type of data to export.
  • For CSV or XML export files, click Request file beside the appropriate export option.
Zendesk JSON file
Zendesk JSON file. Source
  1. This will launch a background process where your file will be cooked. Once finished, the file download link will be sent to your specified email address (or the one you used to register the account).

And that’s all there is to it. This process does have its limitations though. You are only limited to a certain amount of records and the exported file will not work flawlessly with Freshdesk out of the gate, meaning that you will have to do a little tinkering with it. Something to keep in mind when using the option.

Technically, there is another option but it is more involved than this one, granted, it is also more accurate. That’s right, Zendesk allows you to use their API to move data from one system to the other. The entry barrier is high in this one as you not only have to know how Zen API works but Fresh’s as well. You’ll also need a software developer to make this possible. If you can carry this out, then why are you here in the first place? Right, you don’t, so let’s go for the automated method.

What is HDM?

HDM, or Help Desk Migration, is a third-party custom migration service. The core idea of the platform is to allow you to migrate all your Zendesk information (i.e records, notes, contacts, etc.) to a wide array of help and service desk solutions, including Freshdesk, as effortlessly as possible. Now as some of you might have guessed, this isn’t a free service but the pricing is quite flexible, or more specifically, favorable.

You, as a customer, will only have to pay for the records moved. There are no labor expenses, and you don’t have to buy extra stuff to make it work. You’ll pay just for your info that made the cut. And speaking about information cutting. Our solution allows you to move just about anything (outside of custom or platform-specific features, macros, etc) and in any quantity. You are not limited to file extensions either. As, yep, there is no file to deal with it in the first place.

Another benefit you get is an assigned expert. That’s right, you won’t be left on your own to deal with the process. The expert will guide you through the entire process and will even support you after the migration has been completed. This alone raises the success of the migration by a considerable amount. This will also speed things up as you will know exactly what to do at any given moment.

How it Works

The entire migration process is automated but you will still have to perform a few minor things to get it started. Namely, you must prepare the instance and recreate the proper custom fields (if you have them) and macro functionality as these cannot be carried over to Freshdesk. Once done, you can start doing the following:

  1. Go to the Zendesk to Freshdesk migration page;
  2. Fill out the email address field;
  3. Hit the “Next” button;
  4. Register an account;
  5. Provide the necessary credentials;
  6. Select the objects you’d like to move to Freshdesk;

Go to the Zendesk to Freshdesk migration page;

  1. (Optional) Perform the demo migration to ensure all data types are movable;
  2. Perform a full migration;

All done now. No need to do anything else as the rest of the process is automated. You won’t need to play with any files and depending on the number of records, you will most likely be using Freshdesk the very next day.

Migration Shouldn’t Be Hard

If you are still on the fence, you can contact us to learn more. We’ve been on the market for years now and we have a proven track record. You don’t have to take our word for it either. Check out our testimonials page. Migration is our specialty and we know each platform in and out. Let’s move your stuff together in a fast and accurate manner.


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